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Catherine Blanchard

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Navalny Brothers Indicted on Yves Rocher Charges

The committee opened its criminal case against after Yves Rocher accused the brothers of embezzling up to 55…

Unrest in Brazil Not Deterring Luxe Plans

The hopes that some stability had come may be quickly fading in Brazil.

Dior Mounts Fashion Show in Moscow

Fifty-four years after the House of Dior made its first trip to the Soviet Union on June 10, 1959, the brand…

Brooks Brothers Opens in Moscow

The store, which marked its opening with an elegant cocktail party and runway show last week, sells all of…

‘Tour les Jours’ Ballet Bows in Russia

Karen LeFrak and American Ballet Theater dancer and choreographer Marcelo Gomes attended.

Foreign Exhibitors Rise at Collection Premiere Moscow

More than 14 percent of visitors to the show traveled from 24 countries outside of Russia to see what brands…

Yves Rocher in Political Pickle in Russia

What started as a business dispute between the firm and its logistics company has morphed into a war of words…

Kazakhstan: Luxury’s Next Golden Market

The oil-rich country bordering the Caspian Sea and Russia is attracting a slew of designers and retailers.

Russian Spin on Olympic Apparel Fray

As Ralph Lauren licked its public relations wounds, American Apparel ceo Dov Charney managed to ride the…

CPM Sees More U.S. Exhibitors

A record number of visitors attended this year’s Collection Premier Moscow trade show, as American brands…

Contemporary Brands Target Russia

As economy continues to boom, American brands expand.

Tom Ford Hosts Events in Moscow

Designer launches fragrance and three-story boutique.