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Cecily Hall

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Politics, Production and Prediction: The Year Ahead

The key issues dominating the fashion and retail industries in 2012 are likely to be the same ones they hoped…

Brands in Demand

Leading beauty editors' most mentioned brands.

Designer Must-Haves: Fall 2010

As part of its Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2010, Pantone Color Institute has provided a list of what…

Charting a New Course in New York

After a tough year, signs of excitement return to the New York trade shows.

Brands Pick Consumers’ Brains — and Scan Them

Brain scanning is being used to help predict how shoppers will respond to products and shopping environments.

Designers’ Sketches and Must-Have Items for Spring

Pantone Color Institute dishes on what designers — from Tommy Hilfiger to Peter Som to Catherine Malandrino…

Underwear, Fleece Show Resilience

What are American consumers buying this year?

Consumers Find a Friend in the Internet

Pew study shows 69 percent of U.S adults used the internet for information about bargains, jobs and…

Children’s Story: Tangerine Sky Line Debuts

It’s all in the details for Tangerine Sky.

Top Vendor Executives’ Pay: #11-20

Top vendor executives ranked by the value of their 2008 compensation.

Retail Execs See Pay Fall in ’08

Lower earnings and stocks affect overall compensation.

At the Mall, Even Teens Seek a Bargain

In a survey of American teenagers, 54 percent were spending more or about the same as they did in the…

Kids’ Apparel Stronger Than Most Categories

When it comes to kids’ apparel these days, value and price are more paramount than ever.

World View: Shopping Top Lure for U.S. Visitors

Study shows 53 percent of international tourists come to shop in the United States.

More News From Abrams Research

Experts in Abrams poll tapped China as the next big luxury market.