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Cheng Sokhorng

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Cambodia’s Garment Sector Plagued By Bewildering Phenomenon

Mass faintings in Cambodian factories remain largely unexplained.

Mass Faintings in Cambodia’s Garment Factories

Almost 400 workers fainted in four separate garment factories this week across Cambodia.

Cambodian Wage Debate Continues

Manufacturers, unions and government representatives are facing off ahead of a minimum wage hike decision due…

Cambodia Factory Floor Collapses, Injures Seven

Garment workers were injured when the floor of a factory producing clothing for Swedish retailer H&M…

Mass Faintings Hit Cambodia’s Garment Sector Again

More than 200 workers at three factories fainted on Wednesday and Thursday due to noxious paint fumes, a…

Brands, Unions Voice Cambodia Concerns

A delegation representing 30 international brands and global trade unions met with Cambodia’s deputy prime…

Cambodia’s Critical Wage Battle

Arguments from both sides of the issue show a fundamental difference in perspectives between what a basic…

Industry Pressure Mounts on Cambodia

A task force has found that Cambodian government worker spends more than $150 on basic necessities each month.

More Than $250M Lost During Cambodia Strikes

The Cambodian apparel industry suffered losses of more than $250 million in sales and investment.

Industry Still on Edge After Deadly Violence in Cambodia

Protests over wages resulted in the deaths of at least four workers and scores of injuries Friday following a…

Political Turmoil Hits Key Supplier Nations in Asia

Protests and strikes shut down the fashion industries in Cambodia and Bangladesh on Monday.

Manufacturers, Workers Stand Off on Minimum Wage

The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia refused to come to the negotiating table with independent…