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Think Tank: The 20% Solution

Corey Pierson, ceo of Custora, discusses why customer lifetime value should be the “Northstar metric of retail.”

clock August 21, 2019Corey Pierson


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Think Tank: Improving Engagement With an AI-Powered Segmentation Strategy

Corey Pierson, chief executive officer of Custora, explains how consumer behavior segmentation is an effective engagement tool.

clock July 5, 2019Corey Pierson

Louis-Marie de Castelbajac at the Lafont 1844 pop-up store on the rue de Vertbois

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Think Tank: The Legacy Brand’s Guide to Retail Survival

Corey Pierson, cofounder and ceo of Custora, offers tactics for competing against the emergence of direct-to-consumer brands.

clock April 15, 2019Corey Pierson

Retail's dark days are curbed by better use of data.


Think Tank: When It Comes to Data, Use It or Lose It

Corey Pierson is the cofounder of Custora, a cloud-based customer analytics software. 

clock February 13, 2019Corey Pierson

Bluecore, which serves 400 retailers — including Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, Teleflora, Staples and Best Buy Canada — built its Retail Performance Cloud entirely on Google Cloud.


Think Tank: How Aging Retail Brands Can Target the Right Customers

Customer-first, data-driven retail strategies are the key to breaking through in the current hypercompetitive retail landscape.

clock December 14, 2018Corey Pierson



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06 September 2018, Germany,, Cologne: The logo of the Kaufhof parent company, the Canadian Hudson's Bay Company (HBC), is attached to the German headquarters. The planned merger of the Karstadt and Kaufhof department store chains has cleared an important hurdle. The banks had approved the merger of the two retail chains, the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" reported on 6 September 2018. Photo by: Oliver Berg/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images


A Transforming HBC Pumps Up Management

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