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Consumers Unhappy with Apparel Fiber Bait-and-Switch

Scrambling to keep costs low in the face of historic cotton price highs several years ago, retailers and…

Consumers Prefer to Get Intimate with Cotton Innerwear

Today's intimates are so varied in color, style, sexiness and fun they bear almost no resemblance to…

Reading, Writing & Retailing: Cautious Optimism For Back-to-School

The school year may have only just ended, but retailers already have their eye on the second-biggest season…

The Experiential Shopper: Keeping Consumers In-Store & Engaged

From malls with indoor water parks to boutiques proffering sofas and cocktails, stores are working harder to…

Actively Multi-Tasking: Taking Workout Wear Beyond The Gym

Exercise enthusiasts have long embraced activewear that does double duty beyond a workout.

Cheering for the Red, White & Blue: Men Loyal to Denim Brands, U.S. Product

Around the July 4th holiday, patriotism runs high. So it is an ideal time for retailers to promote that…

To Love & Cherish: Cotton Gowns Befit All Bridal Styles

Embellishments and advances in fabric treatments have designers insisting a cotton gown is not just for beach…

Constant Comment: Online Reviews Aid Retailers in Honing Inventory

Experts agree online reviews actually drive a closer relationship between retail and the consumer.

Forging Relationships: Social Platforms Forgo Selling, Promote Engagement

Today, retail is all about engagement: learning what the consumer wants, while promoting products and…

Fast Transformation: Sustainability Grows Among Fashion Chains

When consumers think "fast fashion," their first thought might not be sustainable fabrics.

Old Faithful: Even With Change, Denim Remains A Constant

The average consumer owns seven pairs of jeans, a figure that has been consistent over the past few years.

The ‘I’ of the Tiger: Internet Purchasing Holds Ferocious Potential in China

E-commerce, especially via mobile devices, is one of the hottest avenues for doing business in China.

Making Green The New Black: Eco-Friendly is Good For Consumers, Industry

Corporate social responsibility is not about minding one's manners on Facebook and Twitter, but about…

Countering Showrooming: Retail Must Get Creative for Consumers to Buy In-Store

While online clothes shopping continues to grow, most consumers still buy the bulk of their apparel in stores.

Teen Beat: Young Shoppers Influenced By Celebrity

For teens, there is no shortage of venues to find celebrity news, hair tips and apparel inspiration.