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Denise Hruby

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China’s Middle Class Longs for Luxury — Secondhand

As China's middle class grows rapidly, a number of new web sites offer authentic "pre-owned" luxury items at…

New App Brings Textile Waste Back Into the Fashion Cycle

More and more companies are trying to find solutions for the millions of tons of excess textiles the fashion…

FTA Between EU and Vietnam Increases Pressure on China

After Chinese textile exports fell 5 percent last year to $286.8 billion — the first time they dropped in six…

As China’s Air Pollution Crisis Grows, Face Masks Get More Stylish

Brands are developing more stylish face masks as China's air pollution soars to "hazardous" levels.

China Rent Increases Slow — Except in Prime Locales

Retail rent growth slumped to between 0 percent and 2 percent last year, compared with the previous average…

China’s VAT Refund Program Sees Sluggish Start

While seen as potentially boosting luxury goods sales in China, few stores are pushing the tax refund program.