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Mainland Chinese Tourists Are Seen with Luxury Brand Shopping Bags in Hong Kong China 17 May 2011 the Strength of the Chinese Yuan Against the Hong Kong Dollar Makes Shopping in Hong Kong Inexpensive For the Emerging Middle Classes of China who Often Travel to Hong Kong to Buy Luxury Goods and Even Apartments in the City China Hong KongChina Hong Kong Luxury Shopping - May 2011


China’s Middle Class Longs for Luxury — Secondhand

As China’s middle class grows rapidly, a number of new web sites offer authentic “pre-owned” luxury items at big discounts.

clock April 13, 2017Denise Hruby

The Squirrelz app takes factory discarded cuts and finds a second use for them.


New App Brings Textile Waste Back Into the Fashion Cycle

More and more companies are trying to find solutions for the millions of tons of excess textiles the fashion industry produces each year. The Squirrelz is one of them.

clock October 3, 2016Denise Hruby

Vietnam's textile industry is large, but also involves many smaller, global suppliers.

Government and Trade

FTA Between EU and Vietnam Increases Pressure on China

After Chinese textile exports fell 5 percent last year to $286.8 billion — the first time they dropped in six years — the EU is still the largest destination for Chinese garment exports.

clock May 16, 2016Denise Hruby

Consumers in rural china.

Fashion Features

As China’s Air Pollution Crisis Grows, Face Masks Get More Stylish

Brands are developing more stylish face masks as China’s air pollution soars to “hazardous” levels.

clock March 3, 2016Denise Hruby

Real Estate

China Rent Increases Slow — Except in Prime Locales

Retail rent growth slumped to between 0 percent and 2 percent last year, compared with the previous average of 5 percent to 7 percent, according to research by real estate agencies like CBRE.

clock February 5, 2016Denise Hruby


China’s VAT Refund Program Sees Sluggish Start

While seen as potentially boosting luxury goods sales in China, few stores are pushing the tax refund program.

clock January 28, 2016Denise Hruby



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