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Topicals Co-founders

Skin Care

Three Times a ‘Go’ for Gen Z Skin-Care Brand Founders

The Black-owned Topicals beauty brand targets chronic skin conditions, and amassed a wait list of 10,000 pre-launch.

clock August 7, 2020Denise Power

Andy Dunn talks about the importance of stores to Walmart's future.


Stores Key to Walmart’s Digital Brands

As Walmart expands its digital operations, the retailer continues to view brick-and-mortar as a strategic advantage.

clock July 2, 2019Denise Power

Retail Launches Cash Payment Method

New Pay With Cash option is among a series of service and technology enhancements developed by R&D unit @WalmartLabs.

clock June 7, 2012Denise Power



Walgreens to Launch Largest U.S. Loyalty Program

The new store technologies have been piloted in three markets over the past 18 months and are now ready for rollout chainwide.

clock June 1, 2012Denise Power

Lou D’Ambrosio


Sears Eyes Apparel Rejig

Chairman Edward Lampert says the retailer devotes too much space to apparel — and is out to boost the productivity.

clock May 4, 2011Denise Power

Surface plates on the robotic torso simulate 100,000 body types.


Robotic Mannequin Eases Online Ordering

The digital dressing room evolves.

clock October 25, 2010Denise Power


Brands Expand Mobile and Social Marketing

Sears, Steven Madden and Estée Lauder toy with mobile and social marketing to engage shoppers.

clock June 16, 2010Denise Power


Sears Intensifies Apparel Push

Sears building new brands, establishing San Francisco office.

clock May 5, 2010Denise Power’s Dawn Lepore.


Mobile Commerce Gains Momentum

Macy’s plans to enter the m-commerce arena this year with an iPhone app, and already four million consumers have downloaded eBay’s version.

clock October 14, 2009Denise Power

Marc Jacobs’ hooded gown.


Macy’s Glamorama Goes Eighties

Chicago event draws Cyndi Lauper.

clock August 26, 2008Denise Power

Edward S. Lampert


Sears Sees More Tough Times Ahead

Sears Holdings Corp. is on the hunt for big talent and big ideas to stem the slide in its profits and sales ??? but it doesn’t expect things to get…

clock May 6, 2008Denise Power


Walgreens Maps Out Its Plan for Apparel

Walgreens’ new Casual Gear basic apparel line has been in stores barely a month now, but already geospatial geniuses are mapping ways to make it move.

clock May 5, 2008Denise Power

Marketing and Promotion

Something Is in the Air: Panel Says Scent Sells

Deploying scent in-store can enhance the shopping experience, extend the visit and boost sales, though few brands or retailers use it as a marketing tool today.

clock March 25, 2008Denise Power


North Face Trades Web Content Control for Traffic

What The North Face gave up in Web content control, it gained in site traffic through a new widget that lets online visitors post their own and North Face-produced videos to other sites.

clock March 4, 2008Denise Power

Marketing and Promotion

Tesco Using Databases to Make Green Push

Retailers are finding new ways to leverage their customer databases to change shoppers’ behaviors or just understand existing habits so they can refine the…

clock February 13, 2008Denise Power

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Lesley Frowick beside a photo of her uncle Halston.


Halston’s Niece Calls Netflix Series ‘Unauthorized’

clock May 11, 2021Rosemary Feitelberg

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