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Dianne M. Pogoda

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WWD100: How the Survey Was Done

This issue marks the return of the brand awareness survey, which was last done in 2008.

The Year in Fashion: They Said It

The highly quotable are at it again.

Timeline: A Moving Target

The store is marking its 50th anniversary in business, but the corporation traces its roots to 1902.

28 Days of Fall 2012 Collections

Here, a spotcheck of stories that broke during the period and how they’re playing out.

Timeline: Wal-Mart at 50

In a half century, a humble five-and-dime grows to be the world’s biggest company.

The Year in Fashion: They Said It

Quoting the quotable from 2011.

Spring 2012: 28 Days

A few of the key news stories that broke during the spring collections season, from Fashion's Night Out in…

Coach: The Bonnie Cashin Years

In 1961, the pioneer of American sportswear was hired to give the leather house a big push into women’s…

The Leather Road

A small leather maker is transformed into a worldwide conglomerate.

On the Scene: On the Right Track

The perpetually bustling main concourse of Grand Central Terminal froze for 10 minutes on Sunday night of New…

On the Scene: Isaac’s Icing

No animals were harmed in the making of this production, but how about really embarrassed?

They Said It: At a Nike Tennis Event

John McEnroe and Roger Federer on Aug. 27th.

They Said It: At the Oscars

What they said on the red carpet and at the parties, March 8.

They Said It: 2010

The quotable, in action once again.

Moment 80: DVF in the USA

With Diane von Furstenberg paving the way in the Seventies, American women designers took aim at a new…