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Dick Silverman

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Animal Instincts: Q&A With Geoffrey Miller

Geoffrey Miller believes sex is a primary basis for how consumers decide what to buy.

College Students Cut Back on Apparel Spending

Students are spending more on computers, cell phones, MP3 players and other electronic gear and less on…

Q&A: Iconix’s Neil Cole

WWD talks Bristol Palin and social media with Iconix Brand Group Inc. chairman, president and chief executive…

Amid Economic Crisis, Coupon Use Increases

Difficult times have eroded the stigma linked to coupon-clipping.

Q&A: Ellen Ruppel Shell

Being cheap can be costly. That’s the conclusion of Ellen Ruppel Shell, author of the new book “Cheap: The…

Going Green Presents Challenges and Opportunities

The key issue for green fashion is whether frugal consumers will pay more for an environmentally responsible…

Q&A With Simon Doonan

Simon Doonan is a one-man fashion conglomerate: author, columnist, industry bon vivant and creative director…

Echoes of the Great Depression

Study sees long-range impact on consumers.

Luxury and Necessity: Redefining Values

Study tries to see around the post-recession curve.

Q&A With David Lipman, Advertising Guru

David Lipman is the creative force behind the campaign to rebrand and reenergize Lord & Taylor, an icon of…

Is ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ Enough?

Brooks Brothers think the "Made in the U.S.A." label will push consumers to buy, but price may win out for…

Ethnic Appeal: Marketing to Hispanic Consumers

Orange Clothing Co. is embracing Hispanic culture and traditions as it tailors marketing to the…

Malls Reinvent to Ward Off Vacancies

Malls are trying to become about more than just shopping.

BRAG Renews Call for Industry Diversity

The Black Retail Action Group (BRAG) calls on African-American consumers to help boost effort.

In Diverse Nation, Minority Buying Power Grows

Study shows Hispanic Americans leading growth in buying power.