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Elisa Lipsky-Karasz

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La La Land

A tiny creature with a penchant for Hello Kitty and brightly colored wigs, she speaks in a soft, little-girl…

Sole Mate

New York is a city full of secrets -- dark alleys lead to hot restaurants, the best hairdressers work out of…

Cabana Boy

When you are as busy as Amy Sacco, how do you plan your wardrobe for fashion week?

Paper Doll

Let artist Vadis Turner into your kitchen and she'll whip you up a masterpiece -- but not the edible kind.

Hard Core

The Racquet Club can be too stuffy and Soho House too far downtown, so some people still need a place to…

Wedding Belle

It's just hours before the New York premiere of "Wedding Crashers" and actress Isla Fisher is a nervous wreck.

Shakespeare in Love

Lynn Collins is busy studying an astrology book in her dressing room at the Delacorte Theatre in Central…

Fight Club

NEW YORK — How did a self-described "white guy from New York" from a prominent financial family wind up in…

Wheel of Fortune

Spinning with ceramicist Amanda Moffat.

Mystic Pizza

The team behind Pop Burger, the Meatpacking District fast-food joint dressed up as a hip lounge, is giving…

The Other Paris

Just who is this Paris Latsis, besides Paris Hilton's similarly named fiance?

Sin City

Dishing with "The Washingtonienne" author Jessica Cutler.