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Inn Style

A few years ago, Naomi Blumenthal was in a position not familiar to very many New Yorkers: she owned two mortgage-free brownstones near Gramercy Park, and they were both empty.

“The tenants had all moved on one by one,” Blumenthal recalls, “so…

clock December 1, 1994Elizabeth Barr


Off Her Rocker

A few months ago, Lily Tomlin passed on what she considered the opportunity of a lifetime. She turned down a role in Robert Altman’s “Pret-a-Porter.” “I could have got all those clothes!” she says excitedly during a visit to New York. “Every designer…

clock May 26, 1994Elizabeth Barr


Labelle of the Ball

Patti LaBelle turns 50 today.

“Ah, yes, 50 years…young! Or old, I don’t mind either way,” said LaBelle late last week. “Because I’ll be 50 and I woke up this morning and I will wake up, hopefully, Tuesday morning. And that’s a blessing…

clock May 24, 1994Elizabeth Barr


Sleepless in Suburbia

Josh Hamilton is exhausted. He’s spent most of his waking hours the last three weeks at New York’s Lincoln Center, where he and other cast members of Eric Bogosian’s “Suburbia” are preparing for the play’s opening Sunday night.

“It’s one of the…

clock May 19, 1994Elizabeth Barr


Funny Girl

Valeria Golino wants a cigarette.

“Do you mind?” the Italian actress asks with great trepidation, knowing the feeling about smoking in America. “I’m tired of constantly apologizing and being thrown out of places. I know it’s wrong, but give us…

clock May 3, 1994Elizabeth Barr


Trudie’s Style

I was finished with winter about three weeks ago,” says Trudie Styler emphatically. “I’m only going to wear cotton now. No more layers of woolens.”

Spring may be coming along slowly outside, but in Styler’s Central Park West apartment, the…

clock April 7, 1994Elizabeth Barr

Fashion Features

T Formation

With the coffee bar craze in full swing, it’s no surprise that tea salons should start cropping up in New York as well. One such spot opened about a month ago in the lower level of the Guggenheim Museum SoHo at Mercer and Prince Streets.


clock March 24, 1994Elizabeth Barr

Fashion Features

Biker Chic

Model Jenny Shimizu walks into her agency’s loft in SoHo and immediately gets a tongue-lashing from her booker. “What?” she asks coyly. “I’m not bad, I’m good.”

Shimizu knows that she and Kate Moss — who is also repped by Women — were, in…

clock February 24, 1994Elizabeth Barr


Colonial Times

NEW YORK — Le Colonial has been open less than a month, but the new Vietnamese restaurant on East 57th Street already seems like it’ll be the uptown Indochine.

Barry Diller has begun migrating. So have Uma Thurman, Lee Radziwill, Nina Griscom…

clock February 3, 1994Elizabeth Barr


Paper Doll

In discussing her new film, “The Paper,” Oscar-winning actress Marisa Tomei reveals a vivd imagination and a fondness for the neighbors.

What goes through an Oscar nominee’s mind as she sits in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, before a TV…

clock January 31, 1994Elizabeth Barr



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