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Business Features

The Outside View: Marketing Costs and Complexity in a Digital World

HRC Retail Advisory’s Farla Efros on the growing importance, complexity and cost of marketing in a more crowded and competitive marketplace.

clock February 21, 2020Farla Efros


Business Features

The Outside View: Why Relevancy Matters

Consumers’ shifting expectations means that retailers must tap into what shoppers want most to ensure they return — again and again.

clock October 25, 2019Farla Efros

Gen Z

Marketing and Promotion

The Outside View: Millennials Versus Generation Z

HRC Advisory’s Farla Efros on understanding the differences between Gen Z and Millennials.

clock July 29, 2019Farla Efros

Farla Efros HRC

Business Features

The Outside View: How to Best Engage the Demanding Consumer

HRC’s Farla Efros on how consumers are in command.

clock May 29, 2019Farla Efros

Farla Efros consumer behavior

Business Features

Think Tank: Which In-Store Tech Offerings Do Shoppers Really Care About?

Farla Efros, president of HRC Retail Advisory, shares insights from the firm’s recent consumer survey.

clock April 23, 2018Farla Efros



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