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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Make First Zoom Visit…to a School

"Well done to all of you, I know it's not easy circumstances but it's fantastic," the Duchess of Cambridge…

Space NK Shifts to Online Makeup Consultations, Beauty Masterclasses

Industry experts such as Dr. Dennis Gross and Charlotte Tilbury will host digital events.

Cleantech Examines the Importance of Circular Shopping

There's "good faith" in the sustainable fashion industry, and research will continue after COVID-19, said…

How European Aid Packages Can Help Midsize Beauty Companies

A look at what's available and the way it is being used.

Powering Through the Crisis with the Fitness Community

The fitness industry and freelance instructors in particular have been hit hard by the closure of gyms and…

Cancellations Could Lead to Social Crises in Emerging Economies

The founder of the U.N.'s Ethical Fashion Initiative argues that canceled orders will impact every link in…

Online Fitness Surges Amid Coronavirus

But is it enough to keep activewear and fitness brands afloat during the crisis?

Space NK Pulls Out of China, Shutters Its Stores

Members of staff have already been let go, according to sources.

Poq Helps Retailers Engage Customers With Tinder-Like App Swipes

Late February and early March saw a spike in mobile app downloads for fashion and lifestyle brands and…

Merino Wool Among the Fastest Fabrics to Biodegrade, New Study Finds

Single polyester fleece is one of the biggest eco-culprits, producing more than 1,900 microfibers per wash.

Fashion’s Most Powerful Tools in a Crisis? Storytelling and WhatsApp

As stores close and physical interactions are minimized, online content and communication is critical for…

In Focus: Messaging App Hero Fuels Connectivity Between Sales Staff, Customers During Self-Isolation 

Retailers such as Credo Beauty and Annoushka are reporting a big increase in chat-based commerce in the past…

Avon’s New CEO Angela Cretu on the Importance of R&D and Social Selling

Avon's new ceo lays out her vision for the future of the company and its challenges.

European Beauty Markets Brace for COVID-19 Impact

With Italy and France in total lockdown and Germany and the U.K. hit with restrictions, fragrance and…

SupplyCompass Lets Brands Design Together, Speak to Manufacturers From Home

The platform said it has seen an uptick in interest, especially from luxury brands, since COVID-19.