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Frederick Marfil

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Assembly New York Men’s Fall 2017

Outerwear continued to be a strong category for the brand.

Represent Men’s Fall 2017

Mike and George Heaton debuted their Represent collection at New York Fashion Week: Men's, an upbeat, sporty…

Bode Men’s Fall 2017

New York-based designer Emily Bode created a home in Cape Cod as a backdrop for her fall collection.

Landlord Men’s Fall 2017

For its third season, Landlord turned to Nineties hip-hop artists and streetwear for inspiration.

Loris Diran Men’s Fall 2017

Loris Diran's travels to China and India inspired his fall collection.

Raun Larose Men’s Fall 2017

Raun Larose played with volumes and proportions for his namesake collection.

Kenneth Ning Men’s Fall 2017

Kenneth Ning took inspiration from Gordon Gekko, Michael Douglas' character in "Wall Street," for his fall…

Zachary Prell Men’s Fall 2017

The designer blended soft tailoring with athletic references.

Brett Johnson Men’s Fall 2017

Brett Johnson turned to his Virginia roots as the inspiration for his third season.

EFM Men’s Fall 2017

EFM continued to elevate athleticism through fluidity and structure for its fall collection.

Private Policy Men’s Fall 2017

Private Policy continued to deliver a social message this season through its collection.

R.Swiader Men’s Fall 2017

R.Swiader's debut collection was a nod to the mod punk rock movement.

General Idea Men’s RTW Spring 2016

General Idea lightened things up this season, but the brand's propensity for playing with proportions…

Palmiers du Mal Men’s RTW Spring 2017

Palmiers du Mal continued to jet its way through a "sense of freedom, exploration and mystery," according to…

Landlord Men’s RTW Spring 2017

Landlord breathed new life into the everyday working man uniform in its spring collection.