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Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: Everyone Wants China’s First Lady

In principle, Peng Liyuan is promoting Chinese fashion by wearing it. But getting her to support a program is an entirely different matter.

clock April 3, 2013Huang Hung

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: China and the U.S., Not So Different

The Chinese retail landscape will change drastically in coming years. It will look more like the United States.

clock November 28, 2012Huang Hung

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: China’s E-commerce Boom

Nov. 11, the newly anointed Single’s Day in China, saw sites across the country throw a Sale of the Year party for all the singles in front of their computers.

clock November 14, 2012Huang Hung

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: A Marketing Cesspool

Are you very excited about using social media to market your products?

clock October 17, 2012Huang Hung

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: Brace Yourself

The Chinese social network was in an uproar over comments that a future boutique Zadig & Voltaire hotel in Paris would not welcome Chinese tourists.

clock October 10, 2012Huang Hung


ChinaFile: The Muddy Water of Social Networks

Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, started out as a successful social network platform, but now its commercial viability is murky.

clock September 26, 2012Huang Hung

A look from Fake Natoo Fall / Winter 2012.

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: Zhang Na, China’s Gen-X Designer

Compared to other fashion designers in China, Zhang Na of Fake Natoo is very low-key.

clock September 19, 2012Huang Hung

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: The Chinese Palette

Columnist Huang Hung has learned a lot about the Chinese consumer in the two years since she opened Brand New China, her fashion boutique.

clock September 12, 2012Huang Hung

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: Watch Out!

A photo taken at a bus accident on Aug. 26 might end up causing a decline of luxury watch sales in China in the next quarter.

clock September 5, 2012Huang Hung

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: Chinese Designers in a Down Economy

Chinese manufacturers during this economic downturn are turning to local designers to fill the capacity in their factories.

clock August 29, 2012Huang Hung

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: Mao’s Way or the Paris Runway?

There are two ways to brand in China for the country’s fashion labels.

clock August 22, 2012Huang Hung

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: Dangerous Opportunity

With the Chinese economy showing signs of weakness, and foreign brands cutting their advertising budgets, local designers may have a chance for growth.

clock August 15, 2012Huang Hung

Masha Ma

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: The Long March of China Design

A number of obstacles impede the commercial viability of Chinese design, from sourcing fabrics to retail operations.

clock August 8, 2012Huang Hung

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: The Problems With China Design

The Chinese fashion industry is still focused on manufacturing, so the challenges facing Chinese designers start not with education but execution.

clock July 18, 2012Huang Hung

A Forever bicycle.

Fashion Features

ChinaFile: New Lease on Life for Some Old Brands

Some classical Chinese brands, such as Forever bicycles and Huili sneakers, are making their way back, becoming favorites again for Chinese consumers.

clock July 11, 2012Huang Hung

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