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The Calvin Klein 40th anniversary party at the High Line in September.


As the Economy Goes, So Do the Parties

This fashion week, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Zac Posen have canceled the usual requisite revelry.

clock February 11, 2009Jacob Bernstein

Debbie Harry & Karen Bjornson


Magic Marker: Memories of Stephen Sprouse

Virtually no designer is quite as synonymous with the Eighties as Stephen Sprouse.

clock January 15, 2009Jacob Bernstein

Marjorie Garber


Shakespeare in Our Times: To Beep or Not to Beep

The book “Shakespeare and Modern Culture” hits shelves today.

clock December 9, 2008Jacob Bernstein

Image from Ari Folman's new animated documentary Waltz With Bashir.


The Art of War

Ari Folman draws on his experiences in the Israeli army for a new film.

clock November 24, 2008Jacob Bernstein

Dustin Lance Black


Q&A With Dustin Lance Black: Got Milk

Dustin Lance Black has written “Milk,” the much-buzzed-about biopic about gay rights activist Harvey Milk who was tragically murdered in 1978.

clock November 20, 2008Jacob Bernstein

David Foster


On the Radio: Interview With David Foster

Aside from a publicist and stylist, perhaps no one is more essential to the success of a pop star than the Grammy-winning songwriter they choose as a producer.

clock November 13, 2008Jacob Bernstein

William Greider


Q&A With William Greider

Whenever the economy comes crashing down, journalists try to figure out what went wrong, and their first target is frequently each other.

clock October 31, 2008Jacob Bernstein

Craig Lucas


Craig Lucas: The Plot Thickens

After tackling tough topics like AIDS andhomosexuality, playwright Craig Lucas heads for Iraq.

clock September 29, 2008Jacob Bernstein

The scene at the Republican National Convention.


Republicans Fete With Hagar, Buffet and Friends

The Sammy Hagar show Sunday at the club First Avenue here was thoroughly Republican.

clock September 2, 2008Jacob Bernstein

Protesters at the convention.

Government and Trade

The Pink Ladies Take Over

Convention needs a dash of color.

clock August 28, 2008Jacob Bernstein

Hillary Clinton

Government and Trade

From WWD.com Blog: Rating Hillary

There was not a lot of disagreement inside Denver’s Pepsi Center about thequality of Hillary Clinton’s performance Tuesday night.

clock August 27, 2008Jacob Bernstein

Government and Trade

Democrats Debate Tactics V. Ideology

Pundits proliferate at opening night of the Democratic National Convention.

clock August 26, 2008Jacob Bernstein

Ben Affleck


The Parties’ Parties

Celebrities expected to turn out for convention events.

clock August 19, 2008Jacob Bernstein

Givenchy's gypsy outfit.


Madonna’s Costumes for Her Sticky and Sweet Tour

Arianne Phillips gives the skinny on the artist’s new tour.

clock August 5, 2008Jacob Bernstein

Peggy Noonan


How Peggy Noonan Won the Democratic Primary

Peggy Noonan is apparently freaking out.

clock June 20, 2008Jacob Bernstein

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