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A shot of Madonna taken by her friend, Maripol, shortly before the release of "Like a Virgin."


Who’s That Girl?

She styled Madonna during her “Like a Virgin” phase and worked as the art director at Fiorucci back when it was the mecca for street fashion.

clock December 20, 2005Jacob Bernstein

Eliza Dushku and Eddie Kaye Thomas in "Dog Sees God."


Good Grief

After being translated into 21 languages and analyzed endlessly by academics, the “Peanuts” comic strip is being reinvented yet again.

clock December 16, 2005Jacob Bernstein

Bruce Weber


Fashion Victim

Bruce Weber’s fashion photography has been compiled in a 450-page coffee-table book called “Blood, Sweat and Tears: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Fashion.”

clock December 16, 2005Jacob Bernstein

Mary J. Blige in Luca Luca.


Proud Mary

Mary J. Blige discusses R&B pop princesses like Beyonce and Ciara, whom she thinks are “talented” but doesn’t seem particularly to like.

clock December 12, 2005Jacob Bernstein

Ben Younger


The Younger Man

The nameplate on the door buzzer of the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, loft reads “Younger than you.”

clock October 28, 2005Jacob Bernstein


Atomic Reaction

Talking with Atom Agayan, whose new film, “Where the Truth Lies,” is out Friday.

clock October 10, 2005Jacob Bernstein

A piece on exhibit in "Open Stitch."


Artsy Fashion

So long as there are dresses that retail for the price of a Picasso, there will be exhibitions trumpeting fashion as art.

clock September 13, 2005Jacob Bernstein

Paris Hilton at Crobar.

Fashion Features

Fallen Socialites

Paris Hilton arrived at the stroke of midnight flanked by bodyguards who were dressed like members of the Secret Service.

clock September 12, 2005Jacob Bernstein

Ron Galella


Shutter Bug

There are certain people who might someday come to feel guilty about having spent a lifetime hounding celebrities for their pictures.

clock September 12, 2005Jacob Bernstein


If the Shoe Fits…

The social set seems to be doing a lot more credit card damage at Christian Louboutin than at Manolo Blahnik.

clock July 14, 2005Jacob Bernstein

Nick Nolte


Unfiltered Nolte

Nick Nolte unfiltered.

clock June 30, 2005Jacob Bernstein

Lindsay Lohan


Rock Stars

The DeBeers LV store opening party was met by protesters, including Gloria Steinem, complaining about how the diamonds were mined.

clock June 24, 2005Jacob Bernstein


Fair Night

NEW YORK — The state Supreme Court house at 60 Centre Street may seem like a strange place to hold one of the swankiest affairs of the year, but Vanity Fair took it over once again for its fourth annual dinner celebrating the opening of the…

clock April 22, 2005Jacob Bernstein


Reality Bites: Grubman’s TV Trials

NEW YORK — Lizzie Grubman, the tank top-wearing publicist who went to jail for mowing down 16 people outside a Long Island nightclub, is back where all fallen women currently belong — on reality television. And while the ratings of her…

clock April 19, 2005Jacob Bernstein

In New York on Monday.


Lady Jane

NEW YORK — She went head-to-head onscreen with Robert Redford, robbed banks in “Cat Ballou” and saved the world in the sci-fi camp classic “Barbarella.” She’s won two Oscars, married three very famous men —…

clock April 5, 2005Jacob Bernstein

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Sephora is acquiring Feelunique.


Sephora Acquiring Feelunique, the U.K. Online Prestige Beauty Seller

clock July 23, 2021Jennifer Weil and Samantha Conti

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