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Jahir Ahmed

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Producers Tentatively Stand By Bangladesh

Labor unrest has made business for apparel companies in Bangladesh trickier.

Bangladesh Protests Continue Despite Wage Hike

Workers in Dhaka's garment industry want better rate and faster implementation.

Bangladesh Doubles Minimum Wage for Apparel Workers

Move came after violent protests and political pressure.

Satellites Circling China’s Domain: The Year Ahead

In Asia, new regions are beginning to challenge China’s dominance in apparel manufacturing.

Bangladesh Sees Export Gains Based on Low Costs

Bangladesh’s position as one of the cheapest sourcing nations has shielded it from the worst and even allowed…

Bangladesh Recovering From Labor Unrest

Layoffs in Bangaladesh spurred unrest and a major apparel factory, Ha-Meem, was set on fire.

Sourcing Peril Looms From Strife Over Food, Energy Prices

Labor unrest over soaring food and energy prices could soon trigger a spike in global apparel sourcing costs…

Bangladesh Apparel Industry Recovers From Cyclone Damage

The apparel manufacturing industry in Bangladesh has overcome the impact of Cyclone Sidr that struck the…