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Jeff Bercovici

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Memo Pad: Shock and Awe

Time Inc., Hearst, Emap and Bauer all have considered starting a European-style men's newsstand magazine in…

Publishers Foresee a Tough 2006

In magazine advertising terms, 2006 is shaping up to be a lot like 2005: not great, but not horrible either.

Soft as Iron

Being quieter than everyone else is not the fastest way to get recognized in the music world.

Sell-Through Still on a Slide

It was another good year to be in the business of shredding, recycling or otherwise disposing of unsold…

Charting Wenner After Brownridge

It takes an exceptionally savvy, thick-skinned and Machiavellian sort of person to last for 31 years in the…

Teen World Has New Leader of the Pack

A lot has changed for teen magazines in the past decade.

Running With a Fast Crowd at AMC

This year's American Magazine Conference, which drew to a close on Wednesday, of course had its ups and downs.

When Paid Circulation Isn’t, Quite

With new ABC rules taking effect next year about sponsored sales, magazine and advertising execs are…

An American Gadfly in London

Greg Gutfeld has always been a misfit.

Can Seventeen Make ‘Miss’ a Hit?

Seventeen editor in chief Atoosa Rubenstein will get her first major national TV exposure this month when…

Conde Nast Publications Unit Formed

Conde Nast president and chief executive officer Charles H. Townsend on Monday detailed the formation of…

Shop Like a Star

After sticking to a strict all-model diet for the first year of its existence, Shop Etc. is making like just…

Memo Pad: Inside Out … Masthead Moves

And now, the latest evidence that celebrities are -- to borrow Bonnie Fuller's immortal formulation - just…

Conde Nast Eyes Business Launch in ’07

The title does not yet have a name or a clear focus, but it does have an editor in chief.

Elle Accessorizes With Launch

Spin-offs are to fashion magazines what gerbil-sized dogs are to the Paris Hilton set: accessories.