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Jennifer Laing

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Serenity Now: The Change in Spas

Hit hard by the recession, the spa industry has regrouped, with a deeper emphasis on healthy living and…

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When it comes to body care, multitasking formulas get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Men’s Grooming – Sharp Shavers

These new launches go beyond simply providinga slick surface for a blade to actually improve theskin and…

Growth in Grooming Products: It’s a Man’s World

The race to capture men’s personal care dollars is on. As sales in traditional beauty sectors slow, grooming…

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Unique sloughing, softening, and circulation-stimulating ingredients give these body scrubs…

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When it comes to the newest fake tanners, a sunkissed glow is just the beginning.

Odor Eaters: The Newest Deodorants

Innovative new deodorants deliver freshness from head to toe.

Music Exec Turned Photographer Finds Inspiration in Career Left Behind

It’s not often someone trades in a successful career in the music industry to follow the path of fashion…

Lines of Defense: Anti-Aging Serums

A host of increasingly sophisticated complexion-perfecting ingredients give these serums advance anti-aging…

L’Eau en Rose

With their pink-hued flacons, these spring scents look as flirty and frothy as they smell.

Indie Makeup Brands’ Idea Lab

These indie makeup brands prove innovation combined with imagination add up to some very unique offerings.

The Newest Exotic Body Care Products

The latest body care launches boast exotic ingredients and cutting-edge technology.

Super Skin Creams

Ten state-of-the-art potions packed with sophisticated ingredients to maintain healthy skin.

Coming of Age: Skin Care Research and Aging

Cutting-edge research is transforming the way scientists approach skin care and the aging process.

Flower Power

Through a partnership with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, fragrance marketer Bond No. 9 is…