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Adaptive Fashion: Apparel Retailers Must Embrace Change in 2021

Jill Standish, of Accenture, offers retail brands some priorities for setting success this year.

clock January 18, 2021Jill Standish

retail forecasting

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Why Enhancing Forecasting, Scenario Planning Is imperative Now

Jill Standish discusses how retailers can become “future-ready.”

clock August 7, 2020Jill Standish

data driven assortments


AI in Retail: Time to Stop Experimenting and Start Delivering Value at Scale

Retail and technology experts from Accenture say it’s time to leverage the power of AI.

clock January 14, 2020Jill Standish and Vish Ganapathy

North Face

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Fashion 2020: Superfans, Sustainability and Precision Promotions

The author offers three trends to watch to build long-term loyalty with shoppers.

clock December 10, 2019Jill Standish

pop ups

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Pop-ups Breathe Life Into Fashion and Beauty

It’s not a new phenomenon, but the pop-up store has evolved from marketing tool to revenue driver in its own right, making it a must for brands today as the battle for footfall continues.

clock September 3, 2019Jill Standish

resale market

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Think Tank: A Circular Future for Fashion

The authors offer three models of fashion apparel retailing that can help create a more sustainable industry.

clock July 22, 2019Jill Standish and Harry Morrison

Coco Chanel

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Think Tank: Making Fashion Retailing Bolder, and Faster

Experts from Accenture explain how fashion brands can reclaim their experimental edge.

clock June 10, 2019Jill Standish and Dave Allan

Brands that recognize non-traditional couples is part of an overall inclusion approach.

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Think Tank: With Diversity, Actions Speak Louder

Accenture’s Jill Standish discusses how inclusion and diversity are driving a new era in customer loyalty.

clock April 2, 2019Jill Standish


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Think Tank: Four Steps to a Higher Value Proposition

“People power” combined with technology can drive meaningful results.

clock January 25, 2019Jill Standish


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Think Tank: How AI Can Power the Future of Fashion

The authors see AI empowering designers, brands and retailers to make better products and create more compelling shopping experiences.

clock December 27, 2018Jill Standish and Vish Ganapathy


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Think Tank: Taking the Long View in Search of Success

This holiday season is set to be a strong one — but it’s the brands who focus on longer-term loyalty and profit that will really reap the benefit into the new year and beyond.

clock November 19, 2018Jill Standish


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Think Tank: Not All Customers Are Equal, So How Do You Find the Ones That Matter?

Accenture’s Jill Standish looks at how retailers can harness the power of data analytics to meet customers’ evolving expectations — and reinvigorate growth.

clock September 24, 2018Jill Standish


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Think Tank: Crafting ‘Lovable Moments’ to Generate Higher Sales

Jill Standish, senior managing director and head of Accenture’s Retail practice, explains why having a strong “purpose” is vital today.

clock August 1, 2018Jill Standish


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Think Tank: The Inclusion Imperative

Jill Standish, senior managing director and head of Accenture’s Retail practice, shares the “stepping-stones” to greater diversity in retail.

clock June 25, 2018Jill Standish


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Think Tank: Key Trends Driving Pervasive Intelligence in Fashion

Jill Standish and Vish Ganapathy of Accenture offer insights for retailers as the industry learns to transcend products and services.

clock May 25, 2018Jill Standish and Vish Ganapathy

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