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Miami Conference is Divided on How Free Trade Should Be

MIAMI — Granting Caribbean Basin apparel makers free-trade benefits without the restrictive yarn-forward rule of the North American Free Trade Agreement was the hot topic here last week during the Miami Conference on the Caribbean and Latin…

clock December 19, 1994Jim Ostroff

Fashion Features

Clinton Said Set to Push NAFTA Expansion

WASHINGTON — The North American Free Trade Agreement may be expanded to some other Latin American countries next year, but trade analysts do not see much of a sourcing bonanza for textiles and apparel. However, such a development might be somewhat…

clock December 7, 1994Jim Ostroff

Fashion Features

Textile, Apparel Imports Bound 4.8% in July; Mexico up 20.7%

WASHINGTON — Textile and apparel imports rose 4.8 percent in July compared with a year ago, in a virtual rerun of their 5.2 percent gain recorded in June, according to Commerce Department data reported Tuesday.

Once again, Mexico posted the…

clock September 21, 1994Jim Ostroff


807 Apparel Imports to U.S, Up 8.5% in Half

WASHINGTON — U.S. apparel imports from Caribbean nations under 807 programs rose 8.5 percent during the first six months of this year, compared with a year ago, according to the latest available statistics from the Commerce Department.


clock September 19, 1994Jim Ostroff

Fashion Features

Hillman Ties to U.S. Makers Questioned

WASHINGTON — A top U.S. trade official said Chief Textile Negotiator Jennifer Hillman will not be disciplined for flying first class to attend an apparel convention without obtaining special approval — an apparent violation of federal ethics…

clock September 7, 1994Jim Ostroff


Wal-Mart Mexico City Unit Reopens After Shutdown

WASHINGTON — Wal-Mart Inc.’s Supercenter in Mexico City reopened at midday Thursday after Mexican trade officials shut it, saying it had violated the country’s labeling laws.

“It was closed for less than 24 hours. The situation has been…

clock June 24, 1994Joanna Ramey and Jim Ostroff


U.S. Task Force Slates Hearing on Transshipping

WASHINGTON — An interagency task force formed to develop a strategy to deal with allegedly massive apparel transshipping will hold a public hearing Tuesday.

Rep. John Spratt (D, S.C.), chairman of the Congressional Textile Caucus, is to…

clock June 20, 1994Jim Ostroff


Mexico-U.S. Trade Rockets in NAFTA’s 1st Q

WASHINGTON — U.S.-Mexico textile and apparel trade boomed during the first three months of free trade, but analysts say it will take a couple of years of solid data before anyone can quantify how much the pact is benefiting manufacturers and…

clock June 20, 1994Jim Ostroff


Lack of U.S. Interest Forces Toronto Show Cancellation

WASHINGTON — Despite the growing desire of Canadians for American-made apparel, the U.S. government said it was forced into a last-minute cancellation of what was billed as a major trade conference in Toronto due to lack of interest. The show was to…

clock June 6, 1994Jim Ostroff


Clinton OK’s China MFN, Unlinks Rights

WASHINGTON — President Clinton’s announcement Thursday that he would extend China’s most-favored-nation trade status for another year evoked welcome sighs of relief from retailers and importers. The President also followed the urgings of many in…

clock May 27, 1994Jim Ostroff and Joyce Barrett


GATT Treaty Support Seesaws on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON — The campaign to win Congressional approval of the GATT Uruguay Round treaty won some points this week — and lost some.

At a press conference Wednesday, House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt (D., Mo.) produced six members who…

clock May 26, 1994Joyce Barrett and Jim Ostroff


Retailers Ask Clinton to OK China MFN

WASHINGTON — Thirty-nine retail executives have signed a letter to President Clinton urging him to extend most-favored-nation trade status to China without conditions.

They warned that even selective sanctions against Chinese imports could…

clock May 26, 1994Jim Ostroff


Clinton Move on NAFTA-like Benefits for CBI Draws Applause from ATMI

WASHINGTON — Today’s anticipated announcement by Vice President Al Gore that the Clinton administration favors granting free trade benefits similar to Mexico’s to Caribbean apparel makers has drawn an expected set of reactions.

There was…

clock May 24, 1994Jim Ostroff


Clinton to Ask NAFTA-like Terms for CBI

WASHINGTON — Vice President Albert Gore Jr. on Tuesday is slated to announce the Clinton administration will seek free trade benefits for Caribbean apparel manufacturers similar to those held by Mexico, sources said over the weekend.


clock May 23, 1994Jim Ostroff


Textile, Apparel Impports Up 6.8% for March Record

WASHINGTON — Textile and apparel imports rose 6.8 percent in March compared with a year ago, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.

The shipments for the month totaled 1.4 billion square meters equivalent. This was a record for any March,…

clock May 20, 1994Jim Ostroff

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