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John Koblin

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The King of Hearst

Having long suffered an inferiority complex, Hearst's parsimonious ways are becoming the industry norm.

Memo Pad: Rihanna Was Tops — Topless

While Lady Gaga was the queen of the newsstand for monthly and biweekly magazines in 2010, Rihanna led the…

Memo Pad: iPad Magazine Sales Drop

Numbers are down for digital editions of magazines including Vanity Fair, Wired and GQ.

David Shipley Exits New York Times for Bloomberg

The op-ed editor will oversee Bloomberg View.

Dexter Filkins Leaves The New York Times for The New Yorker

After months of negotiation, the Middle East correspondent is switching sides.

Famed Restaurateur Elaine Kaufman Dead at 81

Her upper East Side bar and restaurant was the haunt of choice for a generation of writers, actors, cops and…

Memo Pad: Not an Apple of Its Eye

Readers trying to access the latest issue of The New Yorker on the iPad were running into a bit of a problem…

Memo Pad: Needleman’s Newbie

The New York media world will finally begin to size up a new magazine war in town: WSJ. Magazine vs. The New…

Rupert Murdoch Does Another Daily

Some of us count sheep, but Murdoch spends his sleepless nights dreaming up media properties.

Editors Rex: Lindgren-Moss Saga

Media world watches battle of Hugo Lindgren and Adam Moss. Moves to Fairchild Group

The web site's editorial team will relocate to 750 Third Avenue immediately. Joins Fairchild Group web site to move from Condé Nast Digital.

Daily Beast, Newsweek Merger Talks Break Off

Failure of discussions is said to focus on editorial control.

Condé Nast Banks On Scott Dadich

Dadich named full-time executive director of digital-magazine development.