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Joyce Barrett

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Companies Balance Reputations, Rewards in Myanmar

The country poses numerous risks for investors cautious not only about the financial stakes, but of their…

As Myanmar Performs, Apparel Production Grows

A new factory in a duty-free industrial zone an hour outside of Yangon is the first of two plants to be…

Thai Retail Projects Press on Despite Coup

Recent antigovernment protests and last month’s military coup have hurt Thailand’s retailers but are not…

Emerging Markets: Peru Pushes Quality

It doesn’t take long for a textile or apparel maker in Lima to start talking about quality control.

Taking a Look at Burma’s Potential

As door swings open to Burma, sourcing executives peak in.

Bangkok Luxury Retail Market Expands

More than three million square feet of new retail space is opening in the next two years.

Thai Garment Makers Under Water

Massive flooding has forced factory closures and shipping headaches.

Bangkok Malls Back in Business After Protests

The state of emergency that has been in place for eight months was lifted, and retailers are ready for a…

Textile Champion Spratt in Tough Election Battle

Textile Caucus co-chair John Spratt targeted by GOP.

Singapore Benefits From Bangkok’s Woes

Luxury retailing in this city-state is making a strong recovery from last year’s recession.

Bangkok Malls Look to Save Businesses

Antigovernment protests in Thailand seen hurting small shops.

Bangkok Business District Remains Volatile

Antigovernment protests in Thailand still causing severe disruptions.

Bangkok Protests Close Major Malls

Retail losses mount in Thailand due to mass protests.

Protests Push Bangkok Malls to Step Up Security

In Bangkok, largely peaceful protesters block city streets, but retailers have hired hundred of extra…

Shopping Centers Open in Thailand

Central Plaza Chonburi, a 1 million-square-foot, $7 million mall just outside Bangkok, opened in May.