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Alpha Hydrox Moisturizers Due

NEW YORK — Having broken into the skin care market with a one-item wonder Alpha Hydrox more than two years ago, Neoteric Cosmetics is about to round out its regimen.

The Denver-based company is building its Alpha Hydrox franchise with the…

clock September 23, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Beauty Features

Champagne After the Bash

NEW YORK — The celebration may be over, but the battle has just begun.

Yves Saint Laurent came to town — for the first time since 1983 — to toast Champagne, his new women’s fragrance. Launched exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue in June, the…

clock September 16, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Fashion Features

Evelyn Lauder Launches Anti-Cancer Fund-Raiser

NEW YORK — Evelyn H. Lauder got the Estee Lauder Cos.’ third annual fund-raising campaign for breast cancer research under way this week with the opening of an exhibition of her landscape photography.

All net proceeds from the show, which is…

clock September 16, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Fashion Features

Humor Key Ingredient in Priming Catalyst Ads

NEW YORK — When it came time to create a print campaign for Catalyst for Men, Halston Borghese decided a little good humor could go further than a lot of sex.

The advertising for the men’s fragrance, which will break in October magazines,…

clock September 9, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Beauty Features

Men’s Flexes Muscles in Fragrance Fray

NEW YORK — The launch of CK One this fall is one more example of the growing masculinity of the fragrance market.

The scent, from industry powerhouse Calvin Klein Cosmetics, is one of this season’s major introductions, and it will be aimed at…

clock September 9, 1994Pete Born and Julie L. Belcove

Beauty Features

Lauder Raises the Stakes in Breast Cancer Battle

NEW YORK — The Estee Lauder Cos. is out to prove that cosmetics is about more than looking good.

Lauder, one of several beauty companies raising money for breast cancer research, has created special merchandise not only to generate funds but…

clock September 8, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Beauty Features

Philip B. Adds Body to Hair Line

NEW YORK — Three years after introducing his hair care line, Philip B. has turned to the rest of the body with a new bath and body group.

The bath products, called Philip B. Botanical Hair and Body Care, are being launched exclusively by…

clock September 2, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Beauty Features

Saks Ready to Mix it up With Octee

NEW YORK — Saks Fifth Avenue has engineered yet another exclusive fragrance launch: a French line of mix-and-match scents called Octee.

Steve Bock, senior vice president and divisional merchandise manager at Saks, said he expects Octee to be…

clock July 1, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Beauty Features

Brut Bids for New Generation with Actif Blue

NEW YORK — With the fall launch of its new Brut Actif Blue fragrance, Chesebrough-Pond’s is going after a younger customer than the man who typically buys its 30-year-old mainstay Brut and is using some traditionally prestige-market tactics in the…

clock July 1, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Beauty Features

D’Aliottas Unveiling Body and Bath Line

NEW YORK — The U.S. distributors of Comptoir Sud Pacifique, the chic French fragrance line, are hoping to create a similar cachet for their new line of bath and body products.

Susan D’Aliotta, who has been marketing Comptoir Sud Pacifique here…

clock June 24, 1994Julie L. Belcove


Exclusivity Reigns in New York Stores

NEW YORK — Retailers here are finding that exclusive fragrance launches are distinguishing stores not only in terms of prestige but also in terms of volume.

“When an exclusive fragrance is supported nationally by the vendor, such as Casmir, we…

clock June 10, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Beauty Features

Rating the Ads: From Sensual to Self-Indulgent

NEW YORK — As store counters grow increasingly crowded, fragrance manufacturers are relying more and more on expensive advertising campaigns to cut through the clutter and get their messages across to the consumer.

To rate this hyperactive…

clock June 10, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Beauty Features

Guerlain’s Odelys Gives U.S. the Treatment

NEW YORK — Generally known in the U.S. as a fragrance house, Guerlain will try to build its reputation in treatment with the September launch of Odelys, a line for sensitive skin.

Odelys will be aimed at women who think they have sensitive…

clock June 3, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Beauty Features

Counter Attack

NEW YORK — Ralph Lauren is looking for a little elbow room.

As Lauren’s fragrance volume has soared, rivaling some full-line cosmetics companies, the company has been feeling a little squashed in the fragrance bar. Now the Ralph…

clock May 27, 1994Julie L. Belcove

Beauty Features

Kamali Tapes a Beauty Pitch

NEW YORK — “What makes a woman beautiful?” Norma Kamali asked a young mother who was holding her infant son on her lap. “How do you plan to influence him about that?”

“It’s not as superficial as it seems to always be portrayed nowadays,” said…

clock May 20, 1994Julie L. Belcove

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