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Kavita Daswani

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Echo: All In the Family

Business at 85-year-old Echo is a family affair.

My You Look Rested: Cosmetic Surgery for Foreigners

The weak dollar has foreigners flocking to the U.S. for deals in cosmetic surgery.

Relastin Looks to Build Antiaging Business

While keeping a firm focus on antiaging, skin care brand Relastin is planning to build on the preliminary…

Solange Knowles: Stepping Out

Solange Knowles looks to fashion to help separate her from the pack.

True Value

Accessories are still viewed as a solid value, which helps sales in a weak retail environment.

Engaging the Customer

Interest and innovation help coat makers weather the economy.

Ageless Fantasy Creators Strive for Youth in a Bottle

What began as a semiserious idea by two college students has turned into an in-demand fragrance with a unique…

Traditional Coats With a Twist

The staple gets a tweak with vivid colors and details.

Eco-Consciousness and Comfort Are Shoe Buzzwords at WWDMAGIC

Vendors are offering everything from hand-painted shoes made from sustainable bamboo, to featherweight…

Spring Accessories Make a Big Impact

Bright colors and bold shapes help the latest offerings make their mark.

School Project Yields Beauty Range

Lisa Ludwigsen knew that if she was going to have her own body care line, ingredients picked straight from…

JAG Launches First Ad Campaign, Organic Line

Jag Jeans is pairing its first national advertising campaign with the test launch of a new organic offering.

Umo Expands Gold Facial to Skin Care

With its signature gold facial in about 60 of the top spas in the U.S., Japanese beauty brand Umo is about to…

Nad’s New Enemy: Unwanted Blemishes

Australian hair removal specialist Nad?s is making its first foray into the nondepilatory business by…

The Direct Approach

Shopping at home is becoming a luxe affair. According to the Direct Selling Association, the direct-sales…