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Citizens of Humanity is one of few vertically integrated denim production facilities in the U.S.


How Denim Heads Use Tech to Manage Wholesale

Amy Williams is chief executive officer of Citizens of Humanity, one of the few vertically integrated denim production facilities in the U.S.

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NRF Big Show 2019


Retail Technology to Empower a ‘Back-to-Basics’ Approach

Reports from JDA Software, Mood Media and SAP reveal emerging technologies and store ambience will be crucial for 2019.

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Jessica Schaefer

Marketing and Promotion

Think Tank: The ‘P.R. Girls’ Debunking Stereotypes, Driving Results

Jessica Schaefer is founder and ceo of Bevel, a public relations consultancy driving quantifiable results in fintech, hedge funds and more.

clock January 17, 2019Jessica Schaefer

The $30 million in Series B funding rounds out a $50 million total for Wiliot, a company pioneering new semiconductor technologies such as the bluetooth tag.


Wiliot Announces Battery-Free Bluetooth Tag, $30 Million Series B Round

Announced Monday at the NRF Big Show, Amazon web services, Avery Dennison and Samsung join Wiliot’s investors for $30 million in Series B.

clock January 16, 2019Kaley Roshitsh

StoreAdvise and Adore Me partner to enhance the fitting room experience.


Fitting Rooms Get Techy: Adore Me, StoreAdvise Bring IoT to Intimates

The smart fitting rooms bridge internet of things and RFID technology to improve the in-store experience while improving conversion.

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Branding basics make for a lasting business.

Marketing and Promotion

Think Tank: So You Want to Start a Clothing Line?

Katie Lundin is a marketing and branding specialist a Crowdspring, a crowdsourced design multiservice company.

clock January 16, 2019Katie Lundin

Many companies are applying data and analytics to all parts of their business — but contractors are widely overlooked.

Human Resources

Think Tank: Why Contractor Management Is Critical to Your Brand

Tom Buiocchi is chief executive officer of ServiceChannel, a software solution for facilities and maintenance management across retail and other industries. 

clock January 15, 2019Tom Buiocchi

From last year's NRF Big Show.


What to Watch: Retail’s FashTech Providers

WWD’s list of 20-plus tech companies, showing at NRF Big Show 2019, aim to define the future of fashion and retailing.

clock January 14, 2019Kaley Roshitsh

Glossier and Outdoor Voices are two digital native vertical brands leading the charge for customer experience.


Think Tank: Digitally Native Brands Define Tomorrow

Phil Granof is chief marketing officer of NewStore, which operates a platform that allows retailers to run their stores on iPhones.

clock January 14, 2019Phil Granof

Daniel Wellington values "investment" aspect of its timepieces and makes installment pay an option for shoppers.


Daniel Wellington Makes Time to Pay With Klarna Installment Plan

Timepiece as investment piece, Klarna, Europe’s leading payments provider partners with Daniel Wellington in installment payments.

clock January 11, 2019Kaley Roshitsh

Backbone partners with True Fit.


Backbone PLM, True Fit Size Up Product Development

Unveiling at NRF, True Fit insights will be added to Backbone PLM, the cloud-based platform aiming to reduce headache at the design stage.

clock January 11, 2019Kaley Roshitsh

Moving Image & Content produced experiences for three Yeezy seasons.

Business Features

Think Tank: Beyond the Selfie, 5 Ways to Get ROI on Experiential Marketing

Digital strategist Quynh Mai on how to optimize consumer engagement.

clock January 9, 2019Quynh Mai

The report breaks down consumer returns in the U.S. for 2018.


U.S. Retail Sees $369 Billion in Returns — With Large Portion Being Fraudulent

In a new report by Appriss Retail, the effects of U. S. consumer merchandise returns means job loss, fraud and for retailers — opportunity.

clock January 9, 2019Kaley Roshitsh

Empowered sales associates start with knowledge, and more modernly a mobile device.


Clienteling Gets a Lift: Google Cloud Partners With Tulip

The human touch, clienteling, will continuously redirect to one surface — the touchscreen.

clock January 8, 2019Kaley Roshitsh

A sign in the shop window of And Other Stories on Manhattan's Fifth Ave advertises a curated selection.

Marketing and Promotion

Will Everything Still Be ‘Curated’ in 2019?

It was poached by marketers, merchandisers and buyers — the word “curated” and all its subsidiaries are here to stay.

clock January 8, 2019Kaley Roshitsh

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A still from Gillette's #MeToo inspired ad campaign.


Bridget Foley's Diary: Gillette’s Woke Stroke

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Social Studies