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Kaley Roshitsh

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Tulerie Sees Historic Surge in Clothing Rentals During NYFW

Tulerie's Violet Gross sees "more borrows for this entire weekend than we've ever had in our history,"…

A Resale First: Vestiaire Collective Achieves B Corp Status

Vestiaire Collective announcing its B Corp status could signal a domino effect in the resale community.

Garment Worker Protection Act Advances — Next Stop, Newsom’s Desk

The bill saw 43 yes votes and is on its way to potential passage pending Gov. Gavin Newsom's final say.

These Next-Gen Materials Are Wooing Investors and U.S. Shoppers, Report Finds

These next-gen material-makers are finding their market with both investors and U.S. consumers alike with 44…

Activists Plan to Keep Eyes on Uyghur Forced Labor at NYFW

On Thursday at New York Fashion Week, groups like Model Alliance and corporate watchdogs call for justice to…

‘Check-Box’ Social Audits Are Failing Workers, According to Report

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre released a report detailing how voluntary check-box social…

Maison Atia Launches Sustainable Rainwear Capsule

The rainwear capsule bridges zero-waste production and recycled materials.

The Running List: Fashion Brands Who Signed On to New Bangladesh Accord

Attention stays on Bangladesh's new garment workplace safety agreement as some 80 brands and retail giants…

Threeasfour’s Kundalini Collection Touts ‘Higher Meaning,’ Digital Solutions

The collection will show Wednesday and touts Kornit Digital waterless printing technology.

Is Fashion Sustainability Adviser the Next Career Move?

A look at the rise of sustainability advisory roles and how apparel and footwear brands are betting on…

Asia, Western Europe, Middle East Lead in Sustainability Certification Push, Report Says

Asia, Western Europe and the Middle East are leading in Oeko-Tex sustainability certification adoption.

In a World Where Every Brand Is a Reseller — What Would Fashion Look Like?

With resale's momentum, some experts hypothesize a very big supply problem could arise that widens social and…

H&M, Inditex, C&A and More Lead in Signing New Bangladesh Accord

The International Accord is drawing its first brand signatories as it aims to broaden Bangladesh Accord…

Bangladesh Accord Reenvisioned and Expanded — Now, Brands Must Sign On

The Bangladesh Accord is reenvisioned as International Accord for Health and Safety in the Textile and…

These Brands Are Buying Into Resale — and Here’s Why

A look at the fashion brands that have entered resale, plus what they're investing in and why.