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Kaley Roshitsh

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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Montserrat’s New Sustainable Sunglass Line

Montserrat New York is releasing a sunglass line just in time for summer.

From Sorona to Supima, the Fiber Moves You Missed

Be it cotton or biomaterials, textiles are getting updated with new firms and tech partners.

‘Global Fashion Statement’ Made at U.N. for Inaugural Conscious Fashion Meeting

The United Nations' Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network's first annual meeting hosted Mara Hoffman, Tracy…

Shein’s Sustainability Head Sets Company Record Straight, What’s ‘Not True’

Shein's Adam Whinston spoke of the company's sustainability plan covering supply chain, carbon emissions and…

Can Influencers Flip Climate Change’s Unglamorous View?

Today's Gen Z environmentalists are raising climate awareness but face existing barriers.

IoDF’s Design Competition Spotlights ‘Real Leather,’ Biofabricate Summit: Short Takes

This week in sustainability: biofabrications, real leather get the spotlight in industry events and design…

Textile Exchange Pushes Biosynthetics, ‘Phase Out’ of Fossil-based Synthetics

Fossil-fueled polyester can't continue on its course. Biosynthetics need major attention, per Textile…

Arizona Muse, Another Tomorrow Unite for Muse’s ‘Dirt’ Charity

Another Tomorrow will also donate 10 percent of online sales during the week of May 24 to May 31.

Inside Fashionphile’s Interactive 60,000 Square-foot Digs in Chelsea’s Historic Starrett-Lehigh Building

Fashionphile's New York City HQ opens Friday for tours of its authentication center, handbag spa, selling…

Fashionphile, Christie’s Team on New York-inspired Handbag Auction

Fashionphile and Christie's New York Edit includes rare and trending handbags from Hermès, Chanel and Louis…

Could Peer-to-Peer Returns Be the Answer to Fashion’s Returns Problem?

Online shopping generates waste especially on apparel returns, but this start-up has a customer-driven…

New York Senate, Assembly Approve PFAs Ban in Apparel

The bill limiting intentional use of the "forever chemicals" is headed to Gov. Kathy Hochul's desk.

Fashion Platform Dhana Inc. Tackles Circularity From Three Angles

California brand Dhana Inc. lets you shop for and design zero-waste fashion, and share stories with a pulsing…

Mara Hoffman Is Now Climate Neutral Certified: What It Means

Now with Climate Neutral certification, Mara Hoffman continues on its sustainability bender.

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Hits New Milestone

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol is converting millions of cotton acres to its farm-level transparency program.