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Kaley Roshitsh

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Free ‘Gender Smart’ Tool Filling Gaps In Mutual Funds

The tool is the fifth release of "Invest Your Values" screening tools from As You Sow.

Study Reveals Diversity Needs in Marketing Campaigns

The study showed generational differences in what marketers chose in images of people.

How to Speed Up Product Development

Backbone PLM unveils version 2.0, which aims to increase clarity and collaboration in the design phase.

Intelistyle Nabs $600,000 in Seed Round Led by Metavallon VC

Technologies such as Intelistyle are using AI to tailor personal-styling recommendations for fashion…

In a Move to Take on Salesforce, SAP Acquires Qualtrics

SAP announced its acquisition of Qualtrics International Inc. today in a deal for $8 billion in cash.

Hats Off: 3-D Technology That Aims for Proper Fit

On products implementing Vertebrae's Axis technology, Tenth Street Hats saw a 33 percent conversion increase…

Consolidating Customer Data Can Improve Retail Business Decision-Making

Stibo Systems provides "golden record" of customer data to recognize the individual customer.

IDB Bank Holds U.S.-China Tariff Panel for Apparel Industry

IDB Bank held a panel Monday night on the U.S. and China trade war, spotlighting apparel and footwear…

New Report Spotlights ‘Authenticity’ As Social Media Evolves

IZEA's "State of the Creator Economy" report reveals three key trends for creating authenticity within…

Witchsy: An ‘Uncensored’ Etsy for Product Discovery

Nearly 34 million buyers are using creative marketplace Etsy, but Witchsy mixes a new potion of consumer…

The Newsette, Twitter Partner on Female Career Series

The four-part programming series for November aims to prep women in mastering their "personal brands."

A Teenage Dream: Dolls Kill Revives Delia’s in Collection Debut

The licensing deal gives Dolls Kill the rights to produce new collections, like the one launching on site…

Adthena: River Island’s Secret to Search Engine Wins

Total search ad spending is expected to grow to $70.66 billion by 2020, and here's how some retailers stand…

Data-Driven Tactics for Upping Retailer’s E-commerce Holiday Game

Preparing for holiday spending begins with back-end logistics.

MeSpoke App Says Anyone Can Be an Influencer

Using metadata technology, social commerce app MeSpoke champions the power of the everyday consumer.