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Yu Nan


Girls of Spring: Yu Nan

It’s tempting to sum up Yu Nan by calling her the next Gong Li or Ziyi Zhang, but that would be glossing over…

clock March 24, 2008Lee Bailey

Thandie Newton


Girls of Spring: Thandie Newton

Film actresses have exclaimed all manner of things in interviews, but it’s safe to say that until now none has ever revealed the following…

clock March 24, 2008Lee Bailey

Murray's affineur, Zoe Brickley.

Fashion Features

Reinventing The Wheel

Age is just a number for 24-year-old cheesemonger Zoe Brickley.

clock March 24, 2008Lee Bailey

Cristi??n Fern??ndez Eyaguirre

Designer and Luxury

The Phoenix From the Flame

Chile’s structure of democracy.

clock March 24, 2008Lee Bailey

Fashion Features

The Lost Boys

Young men are spending less on fashion now than they have at any point in the last seven years.

clock October 22, 2007Lee Bailey

Fashion Features

VF Gets Action

The secret to VF’s SoCal success? Empowering existing personnel to grow the brands, and respecting action sports’hallowed culture.

clock August 27, 2007Lee Bailey

Fashion Features


Perry Ellis has undergone almost as many changes as the fashion industry itself, yet the constant factor has been the leadership provided by George Feldenkreis.

clock August 6, 2007Lee Bailey

Sinead O'Connor


Redemption Song

To most Americans, Sinead O’Connor will always be the irate Irish girl with the shorn pate, the one who once tore a photograph of Pope John Paul II to bits on “Saturday Night Live.”

clock June 25, 2007Lee Bailey


Tag Sale

You’ve probably never said a word to Jason Byers, but if you’re a moviegoer, he’s said a few to you. Byers, 35, is one of the most sought-after tag-line writers in Hollywood.

clock June 20, 2007Lee Bailey


Tag Sale

You’ve probably never said a word to Jason Byers, but if you’re a moviegoer, he’s said a few to you.

clock June 18, 2007Lee Bailey

Marc Ecko

Fashion Features

Marc Ecko Realigns

The rhino is preparing its charge.

clock June 5, 2006Lee Bailey

“The hip-hop culture is 20 years old. It has a great influence on America, and you guys haven’t invested in it too much.”— Russell Simmons, Phat Fashions

Fashion Features

Phat Fashions’ Urban Agenda

Phat Fashions founder Russell Simmons hasn’t really changed his tune.

Simmons regaled the audience with anecdotes, all supporting his mantra that the fashion business has neglected the hip-hop segment.

While his own company, Phat…

clock November 17, 2004Lee Bailey

Jim Neal, Kurt Salmon Associates

Fashion Features

KSA: Innovation Sparks Top Line

Growing top-line revenues is a “Wall Street imperative,” according to Jim Neal, a principal with the consultancy Kurt Salmon Associates.

In outlining strategies to do that, Neal described current consumer behavior, saying recent…

clock November 17, 2004Lee Bailey



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The Jeffrey Fashion Cares runway show at Phipps Plaza.


Simon Property Boosts Outlook as Retail Rebounds

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