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Leila Baboi

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Camelia Skikos x Whichkim RTW Fall 2015

The concept of duality — hard/soft, shiny/matte, black/white, masculine/feminine — showed best in bell-shaped…

They Are Wearing: The Rose Bowl Flea Market

A bounty of street style can be found every second Sunday of the month.

They Are Wearing: Beach Boys

The laid-back attitude of Los Angeles translates into the fashion choices of guys on the streets of Venice.

Summer 2010 Fashion Trend: Tribal Tales

Designers indulge their tribal fantasies for summer with the California desert serving as the perfect…

Night Rider: DJ Loli’s Magic in the Mix

For DJ Loli, making an outfit is like making a mix.

Holiday 2010 Trend: Tees the Season

There is no shortage of fun, graphic T-shirts for holiday, with designers focusing on alternative fabrics…

Swimwear Trend: Cruise Control

The most prominent trends for Swim fashion week will include bright colors and look-at-me patterns that go…

Fall and Holiday 2009 Trend: Silver Lining

For holiday and fall, designers across markets are playing up the shimmer factor with girly dresses, festive…

Fall 2009 Fashion Trend: Animal Planet

Designers answered the call of the wild for fall, splashing animal prints on lingerie, watches, dresses and…

Fall 2009 Trend: World Beat

One of this fall’s best trends is the rich selection of ethnic prints that come in easy shapes, paired with…

Fall 2009 Fashion Trend: Cozy Does It

Comfort counts for fall, as designers offer easy plaids, soft knits and worn denim.

Fall 2009 Fashion Trend: Earth, Wind and Fire

Subtle heat is the attitude for fall, as contemporary designers give Seventies classics a modern feel.

Fall 2009 Surf and Skate Trend: Hardwired

For fall, surf and skate firms are going for the metal.

Outerwear and Accessories: Winter Bright

There’s nothing bland about the season's outerwear and accessories, which come in bright colors and jewel…

Spring ’09 Juniors Apparel: High Tide

Beach style for juniors is growing up with painterly prints and muted shades.