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Lorna Koski

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She’s the One

"Acting comes first," says singer-dancer Donna McKechnie, when asked what makes a great dancer.

Obituary: Princess Irene Galitzine Dies at 90

Princess Irene Galitzine, a Russian emigre who set up her own fashion house and rose to international fame…

Obituary: Socialite Nan Kempner, 74

Socialite Nan Kempner dies at 74.

Keeping the Faith

NEW YORK — Faith Keane Reichert is a lively, energetic and opinionated woman who is a former copywriter…

It’s Perfectly Claire

NEW YORK -- She designed in the days when Americans were expected simply to copy the French -- but the…

Taking Exception

NEW YORK -- Paris in the late Forties and early Fifties might have lost its Lost Generation, but it was still…