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Maghan McDowell

San Francisco Correspondent, Technology

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Yahoo Sale to Verizon Pushed Back

The company reported revenue of $1.47 billion in the fourth quarter, with plans to close the sale to Verizon…

Gap’s Approach to Its Augmented Reality App: Wait and See

Gap, Google and Avametric created an app that uses augmented reality to solve the problem of fit in mobile…

The End of Twitter’s Buy Button

Twitter's failed "buy" buttons shows that social media platforms are still finding their way in social…

J. Crew Turns to Instagram Stories for Crowd-Sourcing

For 24 hours, J. Crew used the disappearing format to garner feedback from customers on a color for its…

San Francisco’s Tech, Arts Community Parties at FOG Design+Art Opening

Execs from Gap Inc., eBay, Apple and Instagram and beyond attended the opening gala.

Ads Are Coming to Instagram Stories

Instagram is courting advertisers with full-screen ads in Stories and the ability for business profiles to…

Facebook Creates Journalism Program to Promote News Literacy

After criticism as a fake-news promoter and echo chamber, Facebook's new program is designed to establish…

CES 2017: Designing Wearables as Jewelry

As tech-enabled jewelry comes into its own, experts take the pulse of making beautiful and useful accessories.

CES 2017: Navigating Retail in a Digital Age

Tech is an "enabler" in retail, but neither marketers nor customers are there yet, experts say.

CES: Why Under Armour’s CEO Is Competing With Apple

Kevin Plank aims to change consumer expectations for an athletic brand and stay ahead of present and…

CES: A Future Beyond Cash, Thanks to Smartphones

Experts discuss opportunities for retailers with the shift to mobile usage among customers.

E-commerce Platform Shopify Adds Amazon Integration

Businesses that sell in U.S. dollars can add their product catalog to Amazon by using their Shopify account.

CES 2017: Wearables Makers Honing Their Offering

The market continues to gain momentum as established players expand and fresh faces join in.

In Fashion Push, Amazon Puts Ad Dollars Toward TV

Amazon appeals to the masses and outspends competitors with video ads that purport to promote its more high…

The Tech Frontier: More ‘Human’ and Right Now

From AI and chatbots to personalization, the year ahead could bring a quantum commerce leap.