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Mahlia S. Lone

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Luxury’s Long Passage to India

Growth in India for the luxury market is strong, but roadblocks remain.

Luxury Executives Preach Sustainability

International Herald Tribune conference focuses on environment.

India and Pakistan Manufacturers Seek Help

India and Pakistan’s textile and apparel industries are stepping up pressure on their governments to offer…

Pakistan Textile Sector Steps Up Pressure

Industry warns of shutdown unless demands met.

Pakistan’s Textile Crisis: Sector Mulls Shutdown to Protest Rising Costs

Energy shortages and rising costs hit textile industry in Pakistan.

Pakistan Hit by Electricity Shortages

Electricity and natural gas shortages in Pakistan, coupled with higher prices, have left the nation?s textile…

Pakistani Mills Face Cuts

The country?s recent 31 percent currency devaluation has given a breather to mills.

Lauder Brand Opens First Store in India

The Est??e Lauder brand has made its debut in India by opening the first of four freestanding stores slated…

Energy Crisis Hampers Pakistan Textile Production

Pakistan continues to face a growing energy crisis adversely affecting the efficiency of its textile sector.

Pakistan Mills Coping With Uneasy Buyers

Pakistani mills, operating in a country in crisis, are trying to convey a sense of stability to foreign…

Unrest in Pakistan Disrupts Industry Exports

The next few weeks are an uncertain time for Pakistan mills after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on Dec…

Pakistan’s Textile, Apparel Shipments Said on Track

With President Pervez Musharraf promising general elections in January, Pakistan's textile and apparel…

Pakistan Instability a Long-Term Concern

The state of emergency imposed by Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has not yet adversely affected the…

Pakistan’s Textile Industry in Eye of the Storm

The most detrimental fallout of this year's increased political instability in Pakistan for its textile…