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Marta Represa

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Paris Trade Shows See Strong Traffic

The season was a good one at the Tranoï, Capsule and The Box Paris trade shows, which ran concurrent with…

Who’s Next Attendance Slips in Paris

Attendance at the July edition of the trade show was down 17 percent year-on-year.

Buyers Seek Dandy Styles, Artisan Pieces at Tranoi, Capsule

The men’s market in Europe continues to gain traction, leading to an optimistic tone at the Capsule and Trano&#239…

Understated Chic, Overstated Prints Score at Paris Fairs

Texture and knits also important trends.

Paris Accessory Trade Shows

A hunt for quality and uniqueness trumped trendiness at the recent round of accessories trade shows in the…

Tailoring and Tech Blend at Tranoi, Capsule

Attendance was up, and so was the number of exhibitors and buyers looked for freshness and originality.