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Megan McIntyre

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Grape Expectations

Forget herbal teas and juice cleanses.

Celebration Time

When an eco-conscious brand like Aveda celebrates a landmark birthday, you can bet the party favors will be…

Hot Shots

Bright ideas, raw talent and some savvy business skills can result in the creation of the next 'It' brand, no…

Pret ? Powder

Notoriously hard to stabilize vitamin C is the star ingredient in Joey New York's pocket-size antiaging…

Just Deserts

Far from desolate, the inhospitable dunes of the desert are the new 'It' location for ingredient sourcing in…

The Big Squeeze

Fresh from the grove, citrus fruits tart up an array of products.

Trunk Show

Forget flowers. The newest fragrances are woody, earthy and of the forest born.

Clean-Up Crew

This Earth Day, Benefit plans on covering up more than just under-eye circles.

The Germinator

Makeup artist Mally Roncal is absolutely fanatical about germ prevention. After her twin daughters were born…

Sunny Side Up

From crayola-inspired colors to weather-withstanding products, spring's standout items will have you looking…

Spring Beauty Handbook

A Complete A to Z Guide to the season's essential people, products and trends.

Sunrise, Sunset

Battle skin issues around the clock with these day and night companion products.

What’s In Store: Brush Off

When it comes to mascara, look for myriad new brush shapes and high-tech formulas to battle it out at beauty…

What’s In Store: Mixed Bouquet

Spring?s delicate floral-based fragrances are anything but garden variety.

Perfect Strangers

Is there anyone who doesn?t secretly judge the beauty and sartorial decisions of the stranger sitting next to…