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Melanie Lasoff Levs

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WWD Domestic Trade Shows: Youth Focus

Young contemporary thrives at AmericasMart.

Kurtz So Good

Vintage custom wear company A. Kurtz has added sunglasses to its line of unisex accessories, which currently…

New Tactics

Vendors old and new launch lines at WWDMAGIC in a bid to attract customers.

The Name Game

Fashion publicist Celeste Miller has transitioned from representing accessories to making them with the…

Eat, Drink and Be Green

Green Drinks International provides a social outlet for like-minded individuals to get together and discuss…

Revealing the Market

Lingerie vendors unveil new lines to new buyers at WWDMAGIC.

Swimwear Makers Dip Toe in Green Scene

For many, summertime evokes images of sunning on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Now, a number of…

Keeping It Fresh

Competition and customer demand drive the casual lifestyle marketplace.

business platform

Vendors hope to launch big sales at WWDMAGIC.

What’s In Store

At WWDMAGIC, retailers look for the next big thing.