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Cotton Prices Decline, Volatility Persists

Supply and demand issues remain for growers and sewers.

High Cotton Prices Seen Hitting India Garment Exports

The country's exports in monetary terms are still seen rising 6 percent this year.

India’s Cotton Yarn Export Cap Solicits Mixed Reaction

Some claim the timing of the limit could be problematic.

Indian Apparel Workers to Strike

Apparel factories across India will close down today to protest rising domestic cotton prices.

Cotton Prices Hit New High

Demand for cotton has outstripped supply in most parts of the world.

Child Labor Issue Rankles Indian Industry

Indian manufacturers concerned about presence on DOL watch lists, while some U.S. companies say information…

India’s Apparel Industry Fears Boycott

Child labor abuses spark worry among manufacturers.

Indian Cotton Harvest May Benefit Manufacturers

Lower apparel prices could be in the offing.

India Lifts Cotton Export Ban

Move had been made to ease domestic cotton prices.

India at Center of Cotton Conundrum

Indian government bans cotton exports to boost domestic apparel production.

India Fashion Weeks Focus on East and West

Traditional Indian fabrics, from dull jute to glistening raw silk, were transformed into edgy, Western…

Report Plots India’s Luxury Potential

India could become a leading market for luxury goods in Asia over the next decade, according to report by…

Satellites Circling China’s Domain: The Year Ahead

In Asia, new regions are beginning to challenge China’s dominance in apparel manufacturing.

India Fashion Week Focuses on Tradition

At India Fashion Week, the strong Indian flavor of the shows this season suggested designers here are gaining…

Lakme Fashion Week Displays Simple and Opulent Apparel

Indian designers displayed their range and versatility at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.