Beauty Forced to Confront Racism

clock 24hAlexa Tietjen and Allison Collins and Ellen Thomas


Voices of Fashion's Black Creatives on the Work to Be Done

clock June 5, 2020Andrew Shang and Victor Vaughns Jr. and Thomas Waller and Luis Campuzano and Emily Mercer and Rosemary Feitelberg


Bottega Veneta Taps Designer Matthieu Blazy

clock 17hMiles Socha

Pablo Mauron

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Why WeChat Is Not Social Media

Growth and engagement rates on the ubiquitous app are sliding. This is how international brands should adjust, writes DLG’s Pablo Mauron.

clock June 5, 2020Pablo Mauron

Production of face masks in Chongqing, China - 27 Jan 2020

Business Features

Reacting to the Coronavirus: How to Update Your 2020 Plan

With the recent novel coronavirus outbreak, brands are scrambling to revise their annual plans and projections for the year. What are some of the things they should be keeping in mind?

clock February 20, 2020Pablo Mauron

China is key to e-commerce growth.

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Think Tank: The WeChat Transformation of Luxury Brands

As WeChat redefines how luxury brands connect, engage and sell to consumers today, it requires a different approach.

clock October 10, 2018Pablo Mauron



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Beauty companies donate black lives matter


Beauty Companies Donate to Black Lives Matter

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