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Patty Huntington

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Australia’s Myer Sets IPO Terms

Australia’s biggest department store chain is set to raise just over $2 billion in an initial public…

Australia’s Myer Aims for $2B IPO

Australia’s largest department store group, Myer, has released the details of its initial public…

Australia’s Myer Plans IPO By Christmas

Analysts anticipate the offer will be worth 2 to 3 billion Australian dollars, or $1.7 to $2.6 billion.

Fall’s Hot Fashion Illustration Blog

Artist Danny Roberts' drawings move from cyberspace to the retail floor.

Kelvin Ho: 180 Degree Kelvin

Kelvin Ho did not set out to become Australia’s most sought after fashion retail architect, butthat’s exactly…

International Trade Shows: Quality Over Quantity

Australian shows are trimming the fat.

Calvin Klein Brand Fetes 40th

Top of the fashion-heavy guest list was the newly minted Calvin Klein ambassador, Australian actor Abbie…

Australian Trade Shows: Hoping for the Best

Despite recession fears, organizers expect decent turnout at upcoming fairs.

Fast Food

Two women and four ingredients cook up a bestseller.

Aussie Odyssey

The fashion and chic set unwind in New South Wales Southern Highlands.

Australia’s Zimmermann Launches Lingerie

Zimmermann is applying a bit of its beach savvy to the boudoir.

Sydney Scene

Eating, drinking and shopping in Sydney.

Letter From Sydney

Australian historian Robert Hughes once described the British fleet's arrival in Sydney Cove as the…

Australian Wool Industry Launches Campaign

Some 10 months after Australian Wool Innovation Ltd. acquired the 44-year-old Woolmark logo, AWI will unveil…

Roses Target Wider Audience with Diffusion Line

Rachel and James Rose, the creators of the 18th Amendment label, are looking to capture a wider audience with…