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Paula Wallace

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A Pattern for All Seasons

Guest author Paula Wallace explains how the tenets of circular leadership permeate all aspects of SCAD.

Reject the Reset, Embrace the Moment

SCAD has launched a masterclass this past spring, during a time when students can "invent and grow."

Think Tank: Hula Hoops in the Studio in Remembrance of Isabel Toledo

Paula Wallace, founder and president of SCAD, describes Isabel Toledo's life as "anything but usual."

Think Tank: The Generosity of Karl Lagerfeld

The SCAD Museum of Art was gifted a large collection of Lagerfeld's photographs by the designer himself.

Think Tank: The Elemental Guo Pei

Paula Wallace, president and founder of SCAD, explains.

Think Tank: More Than One Way to Runway

Paula Wallace, founder and president of SCAD, looks back on the history of the fashion show to inform the…