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Berlin Fashion Week Reboots With Physical Events, Minus Trade Shows

Berlin Fashion Week reboots with physical events with niche highlights without big trade fairs.

First Frankfurt Fashion Week Kicks Off With Digital Conference-focused Program

The first edition of Frankfurt Fashion Week started with digital FFW Studio, focusing on conferences. Trade…

Berlin Fashion Week Reboots Without Trade Fairs

Berlin Fashion Week's first edition without trade fairs is a playground for experimental formats.

Tom Van Der Borght Men’s Fall 2021

The designer elaborated on his winning collection at the Hyères festival, and it was a psychedelic display.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sticks to Berlin

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week stays in Berlin while trade shows move to Frankfurt.

It’s Back to Basics at German Pharmacies

"People just want to get their business done, rather than being in the mood for cosmetic self-care," a…

Book Explores History of Chanel No.5 and Red Moscow

The 200-page tome, recently released in German, sets out to distill 20th-century history into the two scents.

How European Aid Packages Can Help Midsize Beauty Companies

A look at what's available and the way it is being used.

Corona Shutdown Costs German Retail 1.5 Billion Euros Every Day, Retail Federation Estimates

German retail business loses 1.5 billion euros daily as a consequence of the public shutdown to contain the…

Linda McCartney’s ‘The Polaroid Diaries’ Reveal Intimate Family Moments

Linda McCartney's "The Polaroid Diaries" exhibition at C/O Berlin share intimate moments of McCartney family…

Berlin Fashion Week Reboots on an Upbeat Mood

Berlin Fashion Week reshapes with a stronger program.

Sustainable Fashion Rules at Upbeat Berlin Fairs

Sustainable fashion is the main issue amidst talks about the challenges of retail at Berlin fairs.

MCM Launches Underwear, Gender-Neutral Loungewear

MCM to launch underwear and loungewear.

Vogue Germany Fetes 40th Anniversary With Fashion Exhibition

The exhibition comes amidst major restructurings at Condé Nast Germany.

New Life for Forgotten Jewish Brand Manheimer

New Holding revives old Jewish brands in Berlin with designer Michael Sontag.