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Rachel Mascetta

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Safilo’s Family of Brands

Powerhouse brands fuel Safilo’s engines around the world.

Fashion Playlist: Milan

London may have gone after the Nineties, but runway soundtracks in Milan either quoted, referenced, remixed…

Eyewear: Reflections of the Past

Nostalgia seems to be in the air and eyewear makers are getting in on the act.

Moschino’s Bubbly Baubles

Moschino Cheap & Chic has put its cheeky stamp on costume jewelry.

In Season: Winter Treats

Onano lentils, from Italy's Lazio region, have been prized since the 16th century for their sweet and subtle…

Global Mania for Comme des Garcons at H&M

After the frenzied debut last weekend, H&M gave the rest of the world a chance to see its guest designer…

Denim on a Budget

European shoppers purchase most of their denim from cheaper sources.