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Designer Gilles Dufour Ventures East

Designer Gilles Dufour has been working as artistic director for Erdos, which runs some 2,000 boutiques in…

Van Cleef Introducing Scent Collection

Van Cleef & Arpels is launching a fragrance line this fall, called Collection Extraordinaire, that is…

International Trade Shows: Building Their Brands

Faced with slowing sales, the Turkish apparel sector looks for ways to boost its profile.

Paris When It Glistens

Setting the tone for global retail.

Cartier Does the Right Thing

Stepping up as a corporate citizen.

Cartier’s Global Strategy

Over the course of its more than 150-year existence, Cartier has survived its share of market gyrations on…

Cartier’s History, Buffed

A legend grows in three centuries.

Cartier’s Red Planet

Good things come in red packages.

Artier Cartier

In the three years since it became a sponsor of Art Basel, Cartier has made a significant mark on Europe’s…

Bold Strokes: Cartier’s Arts Foundation

Displaying an iconoclastic attitude towards art.

Mount Up: Cartier Loves Polo

At play on the pitch.

As Time Goes By: Cartier’s Watches

Watches are a long-standing tradition.

LVMH Sales Inch Ahead

Star Louis Vuitton brand continues to show resilience and drives growth.

H&M Profits Fall 12 Percent in Quarter

Amid economic turbulence, H&M's like-for-like sales slip 5 percent.

Carrefour Net Declines 45 Percent

Weak French market hits retailer Carrefour.