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Rose Apodaca

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Winston’s Lofty Goals

Harry Winston wants its retail presence to sparkle more brightly.

Harry Winston Eyes Continued Expansion

Harry Winston is hoping its retail presence is going to sparkle more brightly.

WWDScoop: Donatella Does Hollywood

As told to Rose Apodaca, Donatella Versace delves into the frenetic life of a glamour afficianado - during…

Sign Language

A Q&A with the still-cool-at-70 Dennis Hopper, whose photographs are featured in a new exhibit at Ace Gallery…

On the Right Track

In the beginning, there was the tracksuit.

C&C: Charging Ahead in Growth Mode

A little more than a year into being part of the Liz Claiborne Inc. family, the founders of C&C California…

Glittering Prizes

Two daughters of Hollywood royalty are seeking to prove their mettle in the jewelry business.

Two Gettys Drill a Fashion Well

It was one of Patricia Arquette's finer red-carpet moments.

Oscars’ Game: No Rules

With the countdown to Sunday's 78th annual Academy Awards almost complete, a consensus has emerged in the…

Paul Frank Grows as Brands Evolve, Quirks and All

Paul Frank Industries, the youthful apparel and merchandise phenom founded on the grinning mug of a sock…

Music-Inspired Belts

The upside of having a wife in a budding cult band is the exposure a designer can get among her fans.

Designer Geren Ford’s Lifestyle Evolution

With her fall collection, designer Geren Ford is expanding beyond her loungewear beginnings.

Agent Provocateur Celebrates With Store Opening, Film

Valentine's Day was the target for saucy lingerie brand Agent Provocateur with the opening of a store here…

Urban Cowboy: Western Icon Rides Onto Runway

He made Johnny Cash the "Man in Black," and put Elvis in gold lame and many a crystal-covered jumpsuit.

Man With a Plan: Robert Rodriguez Expands Line

Robert Rodriguez is ready for the spotlight.