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Sara James

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Charting Wenner After Brownridge

It takes an exceptionally savvy, thick-skinned and Machiavellian sort of person to last for 31 years in the…

Lyne’s Rebuilding Blueprint

In a conversation between James Citrin, senior director of Spencer Stuart, and Susan Lyne, Martha Stewart…

Cookie Goes to Press

In the late Nineties, a handful of maternity designers revolutionized an industry by making fashionable, even…

Martha’s New Mag

The new Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia lifestyle magazine for thirtysomethings has been given the green…

The Culture of the Negative Sell

What is it about selling ad pages that just brings out the worst in people?

New Orleans Braces for Katrina’s Wrath

Weather forecasters were predicting a worst-case scenario Sunday as category five Hurricane Katrina barreled…

Publisher Shuffle at Conde Nast

Conde Nast on Thursday shifted Louis Cona into the publisher's slot at The New Yorker.

Conde Nast Eyes Business Launch in ’07

The title does not yet have a name or a clear focus, but it does have an editor in chief.

Memo Pad: Spirited Teen … Boy’s Club … Masthead Touch-Ups

She isn't technically a teenager until Aug. 18, but the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love was just…

Memo Pad: “Intern Ships”

Of all the media companies, it is said that Conde Nast's employees are the most homogeneous.

Memo Pad: Rose In Bloom … Living Well … Heavy Lifting …

How did Tommy Hilfiger get his start in fashion?

Peeking Inside the Covers

It's already mid-July, which means this year's fat September issues will be shipping soon.

3 Arrests in Circ Scandal, Mags Could Be Next Target

Edward Smith, Robert Garcia and Richard Czark, former employees of Newsday and the Spanish-language newspaper…

Memo Pad: Postal Penny-Pinching

POSTAL PENNY-PINCHING: It hasn't even been approved yet, but magazine publishers already are budgeting for a…

Editor Face-Off

One is a guarded editor who doesn't self-promote. The other courts his own fame even as he skewers the famous.