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Braless in 1969.

Fashion Features

Moment 32: Bye-Bye Bras

Emboldened by women’s liberation, women ditched their brassieres in droves in the late Sixties, and the braless look became popular.

clock November 1, 2010Sarah Haight

The Woodstock Festival.

Fashion Features

Moment 31: They Were Stardust; They Were Golden

In August 1969, revelers of the counterculture gathered at Woodstock in fashions that included bell-bottoms, caftans and lots of skin.

clock November 1, 2010Sarah Haight

Grace Kelly holds what would become the Kelly bag, in 1959, seen with
Philadelphia surgeon James Lehman. The actress was in town to have her appendix out.

Fashion Features

Moment 21: ‘It’ Bags

The Fendi “Baguette” made its debut in 1997, launching the “It” bag era as we know it, though Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton started the trend in the Fifties.

clock November 1, 2010Sarah Haight

The model Sabine wears a skirt and swimsuit by Claire McCardell.

Fashion Features

Moment 18: The Chic American Look

American sportswear owes much to Claire McCardell, who favored a smart approach to style and worked chic, practical pieces into day and eveningwear.

clock November 1, 2010Sarah Haight

The Andrews Sisters, 1941.

Fashion Features

Moment 15: Law of Austerity

WWII marked an era of sartorial austerity when the enactment of Law 85 restricted the use of silk, cotton, nylon and wool and regulated business practices.

clock November 1, 2010Sarah Haight

Barack and Michelle Obama, who wore Jason Wu to the Inaugural Balls, in 2009.

Fashion Features

Moment 98: First Fashion

From J. Crew to Jason Wu, First Lady Michelle Obama established herself as a woman who wanted to use fashion to make an impact.

clock November 1, 2010Sarah Haight

Truman Capote

Fashion Features

Moment 29: Party of the Century

Truman Capote hosted his famous Black and White Ball in November 1966, and the gala remains famous still for its ultra-exclusive guest list.

clock November 1, 2010Sarah Haight

Paco Rabanne and Julie Harris discuss a Casino Royale costume in 1966.

Fashion Features

Moment 28: Space Age

Five years before astronauts reached the moon, designers were getting into the Space Age groove by creating cheeky interpretations of outer-space chic.

clock November 1, 2010Sarah Haight

Richard Gere in American Gigolo, 1980.

Fashion Features

Moment 37: Giorgio’s Gigolo

Richard Gere dresses in a sharp Giorgio Armani suit for his role as a male prostitute in American Gigolo, helping to catapult the Italian designer to fame.

clock November 1, 2010Sarah Haight

Children modeling Pierre Cardin outfits in 1967.

Fashion Features

Moment 27: Pierre the Pioneer

An earlier adopter of licensing, Pierre Cardin has been adorning ties, fragrances, flatware and more with his name since the Sixties.

clock November 1, 2010Sarah Haight

WWD Monday October 6, 1969

Fashion Features

Joe McGinnis, Oct. 6 1969: ‘How They Sold Nixon’

Many years before he moved in next door to Sarah Palin, author Joe McGinnis was just another bright-eyed reporter with a bestseller on his hands.

clock August 11, 2010Sarah Haight

Ivanka Trump

Designer and Luxury

Ivanka Trump: Is She for Real?

With a focus on diversifying her fashion businesses, Ivanka Trump quickly shoots down the idea that she might have too much on her plate.

clock August 3, 2010Sarah Haight

William F. and Pat Buckley in 1969.

Fashion Features

Back in Time: ‘Those Buckleys’

WWD’s profile of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Buckley Jr. in August 1969 painted a quirky, giddy picture of two of New York society’s most high-profile figures.

clock July 28, 2010Sarah Haight

Natasha Vargas-Cooper


Natasha Vargas-Cooper’s Mad Love

Writer Natasha Vargas-Cooper mines the TV series “Mad Men” for cultural and social allusions.

clock July 19, 2010Sarah Haight

Nan Talese

Fashion Features

“The Other Talese”: Nan Talese in 1969

Though she now runs her own highly successful imprint, Talese was once a striving midlevel editor, as documented in an Aug. 26, 1969, WWD profile.

clock July 7, 2010Sarah Haight

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