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Fashion designer and teacher Libena Rachová.

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Keep It in Czech

At Prague’s design schools, growing the country’sfashion industry is a matter of national pride.

clock January 15, 2009Sharon Donovan

Styles from Tommy Hilfiger.


Macy’s Returns: Two New Orleans-Area Stores Open

The retailer launches in a pair of key suburbs of New Orleans.

clock October 24, 2008Sharon Donovan

The Dillard’s women’s department.


Dillard’s Relaunches in New Orleans Area

Three years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Dillard?s Inc. is heralding a top-to-bottom renovation of its store at Lakeside Shopping Center.

clock October 13, 2008Sharon Donovan


Retailers Avoid Hanna Damage, but Ike Looms

Tropical storm’s impact minimal; New Orleans stores reopen.

clock September 8, 2008Sharon Donovan and Stephanie D. Smith

Although not open to the public Thursday, Coach’s lights were on as management scheduled employees for work Friday.


New Orleans Retailers Return

More storms threaten southeastern U.S.

clock September 5, 2008Sharon Donovan and Georgia Lee and Elizabeth Thurman

Flood water surged over the side of a levee on the Industrial Canal in New Orleans.


New Orleans Lockdown Curbs Retail

Damage is limited, but precautions make for lengthy resumption of business.

clock September 3, 2008Sharon Donovan and Georgia Lee and Elizabeth Thurman and Matthew Lynch


Gustav Hits the Gulf Coast

Retailers Prepared for Hurricane Gustav.

clock September 2, 2008Sharon Donovan and Georgia Lee and Matthew Lynch

Frock Candy's Kalliopi Nicopoulos.


Precise Plans

New Orleans retailers brace for active buying armed with new ground rules.

clock February 12, 2008Sharon Donovan


Magazine Street Reloaded

In New Orleans men’s apparel options have with the small men’s boutiques staking a claim on the male customer who might at one time have had to look elsewhere.

clock February 4, 2008Sharon Donovan


Rubensteins Unveils Post-Katrina Upgrade

In a renovation that was planned before Hurricane Katrina devastated the city Rubensteins has spent $2.5 million to increase the size of the men’s department.

clock November 5, 2007Sharon Donovan

Stephen I Sadove


SFA Campaign to Focus on Local Ads

Saks Fifth Avenue plans to step up the “Want It!” marketing campaign to highlight key items and trends in local markets, Stephen I. Sadove, Saks Inc.’s chairman and chief executive officer, said Wednesday at the retailer’s annual stockholders’ meeting.

clock June 7, 2007Sharon Donovan

Suzanne Perron


Newcomers Embrace Retailing in New Orleans

Amid ills from rising crime to deteriorated schools, most retailing here appears to be holding its own as the city celebrates Mardi Gras today.

clock February 20, 2007Sharon Donovan

Stephen and Karin Sadove, and Ron Frasch, Saks' chief merchant.


Saks Celebrates New Orleans Reopening

“It was not a question of if we would reopen, it was a question of when,” said Stephen Sadove, Saks’ chairman and chief executive officer, who was the host last week at the debut of the refurbished Saks Fifth Avenue.

clock November 21, 2006Sharon Donovan

Saks Fifth Avenue


Saks Makes Fresh Start in New Orleans

Looted and ravaged by fire, the Saks Fifth Avenue store here was a dark, dank shell when general manager Carolyn Elder assessed the damage after Hurricane Katrina.

clock November 16, 2006Sharon Donovan

Gabe Nassar, manager of contemporary and modern departments at Saks Fifth Avenue in New Orleans, and Carolyn Elder, general manager.


One Year After Katrina New Orleans Retailers Try to Adapt, Persevere

On a sweltering day after Hurricane Katrina one year ago, Wendy LeGardeur stuffed silk and taffeta eveningwear into her car, trying to salvage the merchandise from her boutique.

clock August 29, 2006Sharon Donovan

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