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A list of French brands on Twitter.

Government and Trade

Calls to Boycott French Products in Islamic World Amplify

Turkey’s president on Monday called for Turks to boycott goods from France.

clock October 26, 2020Jennifer Weil

Turkish Textile Industry Struggles

Government and Trade

Turkish Textile Sector Struggles in Wake of Pandemic

The industry is expected to contract by 20 percent this year as the sector battles with overseas brands about order payments.

clock July 7, 2020Suna Erdem

Business Features

Première Vision Boosts Focus on Sustainability

The fashion world still has significant room for improvement, but more and more brands are stepping up their efforts on sustainability.

clock September 20, 2018Suna Erdem

The Versace franchised store in Tehran has struggled given political and economic uncertainty.


Iran’s Hoped-for Boom Has Gone Bust for Fashion Brands

Initial euphoria after the nuclear accord has petered out as election worries and other uncertainties have dampened demand.

clock June 19, 2017Suna Erdem

A British parliamentary inquiry will examine working practices in e-tail fulfillment centers, among other issues.


U.K. to Hold Hearing on E-tail Working Practices

The hearing also will look at allegations of sweatshoplike conditions in British apparel factories.

clock March 6, 2017Suna Erdem



Malls, Retailers Adapt to Digital World

The death of the mall has been much foretold.

clock March 30, 2015Suna Erdem


Turkish Vogue Thrives as Country’s Fashion Evolves

In the four years since it launched, the magazine has become a success in a country that is waking up to the temptations of international style.

clock March 11, 2015Suna Erdem

With over 24 million young women between the ages of 15 and 20, Turkey is a market with great potential for beauty firms. But first, it must surmount the historic political, financial and social issues that are presenting barriers to growth.

Beauty Features

World Wide Watch: Turkey

With over 24 million young women between the ages of 15 and 20, Turkey is a market with great potential for beauty firms.

clock May 8, 2009Suna Erdem

Views of the Ralph Lauren store in Turkey.

Designer and Luxury

Polo Ralph Lauren Opens First Store in Turkey

The recent explosion of the Turkish luxury market may be slowing, but that doesn’t seem to faze Polo Ralph Lauren, which is opening its first store in Istanbul.

clock October 14, 2008Suna Erdem

Shopping is practically a sport in Turkey. Here, Lanvin on Sira Evler Street, a new luxury area in Istanbul.


Istanbul Scene

Things to do and see in Istanbul.

clock August 14, 2008Suna Erdem

The Kanyon Shopping Center, with floors of offices, luxury residences and 400,000 square feet of retail space.


Letter From Istanbul

Turkey may be mired in political uncertainty, but when it comes to buying expensive merchandise, fashionable Istanbul women are no slouches.

clock August 14, 2008Suna Erdem

Unitim-licensed stores make up 25 percent of the Kanyon mall.


Local Luxe Franchises Flourishing in Turkey

Luxury is booming here, and it’s making franchising a big business.

clock January 4, 2008Suna Erdem

The Altinyildiz Textiles factory.


Turkey Rebounds From Turmoil

A four-month crisis over the election of Turkey’s next president kept political and economic issues as heated as the record summer temperatures here.

clock September 18, 2007Suna Erdem

A customer tries on a pair of Cons jeans, a Turkish label, at the brand's store in Istanbul.

Fashion Features

Turkey Takes to the Global Stage

When Turkey began to covet the jeans of visiting U.S. servicemen after World War II, nobody thought these all-American products could be made here with any success.

clock May 24, 2007Suna Erdem

Fashion Features


Turkey’s trade fair war is over, but controversy still looms.

clock May 23, 2007Suna Erdem

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Sephora is acquiring Feelunique.


Sephora Acquiring Feelunique, the U.K. Online Prestige Beauty Seller

clock July 23, 2021Jennifer Weil and Samantha Conti

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